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Technical HPC-Support

Wilke Trei

CFD Cluster

The currently deployed HPC cluster EDDY is to be replaced with the acquisition of a new, more powerful computational fluid dynamics (CFD) cluster. For this purpose, a project funding has been obtained by ForWind Oldenburg under the project management of Jun. Prof. Laura Lukassen with the participation of the division of Scientific Computing of the University of Oldenburg.

The project RE-HPC was approved on Dec. 01, 2021 under the grant number ZW7- 85186744 and is funded by the Investitions- und Förderbank des Landes Niedersachsen (NBank) and the Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Kultur (MWK) of the State of Lower Saxony.  The funding is provided under the REACT-EU set-up aid (ERDF guideline "Innovation durch Hochschulen und Forschungseinrichtungen" according to paragraph 2.1.2 " Aufbau und Erweiterung von Infrastrukturen der Spitzenforschung") as part of the response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Under the RE-HPC project, the CFD cluster will be used for simulations and data analysis in wind energy research by several research groups.


(Changed: 20 Apr 2022)