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Structured doctoral programmes

The UMO offers doctorates in medicine, health sciences and natural sciences or engineering, which can be completed nationally or binationally.

The interviews were conducted in German. For more information, please visit the German website. A translation will be available shortly. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Paul Atigbire

Doctoral candidate at the universities in Oldenburg and Groningen

„You get an experience in two countries and the promise of a joint degree and that was quite unique.”

Arber Gashi

Resident in Internal Medicine in Geriatrics at the Klinikum Oldenburg and research fellow at the Department of Health Serivces Research at the University of Oldenburg pursuing an MD/PhD

„Science is fun, especially medical science and if you can find a programme that fits your passion, then go for it! In this last year, it has been very fun for me working in a multidisciplinary team. It widens your spectrum of knowledge and I would strongly suggest [doing an MD/PhD]”

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