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Advisory services for teaching staff

Advisory services for teaching staff

During your teaching career, you may encounter a number of obstacles or issues. Thankfully, there are a number of dedicated organisations that can help you. 

The information on this page in alphabetical order will help you find the right contact person.

Academic Examinations Office

  • Advice and information on general examination-related queries
  • Advice and information on using digital services (for the paperless organisation of examinations)
  • Support for issues relating to the right of review
  • Issues advice to the chairs of Examining Boards

Academic Examinations Office

conTakt - Counselling centre for sexual discrimination and violence

  • Counselling and support if you experience sexual discrimination or violence
  • Assistance confidentially reporting an incident you have observed
  • Advice on what to do if you experience or observe sexual discrimination or violence
  • Information on prevention and intervention

conTakt - counselling centre for sexual discrimination and violence

Family service

The Family service helps teaching staff

  • To arrange organisational assistance for students with children
  • Regarding pregnancy and maternity provisions for students
  • To structure and organise their courses for students who are responsible for the long-term care of close relatives

The Family service also provides advice and support

  • Regarding organisational assistance for teaching staff with children
  • For staff who are pregnant/expecting fathers
  • For staff who are responsible for the long-term care of close relatives

Family service

Equality and diversity officer

  • Provides support in the event of discrimination or unfavourable treatment at the university as a place of work
  • Arranges an initial counselling session for victims of sexual discrimination
  • Provides support to teaching staff in their interaction with female students, graduates and doctoral candidates, especially regarding careers opportunities in areas in which women are underrepresented (STEM subjects: Mathematics, Computer Science, Natural and Technical Sciences)
  • Organises coaching sessions to help prepare for appointment procedures
  • Provides support to the Schools’ equality and diversity officers, administration departments and University-wide institutions

Equality and diversity officer (in German)

The University start-up centre

The Founding and Innovation Centre provides advice and support to teaching staff. We provide targeted support to researchers interested in setting up their own business. We help them translate their ideas (either their own idea or an idea from their research group or student project group), technologies and research results into potential business ideas.

  • Start-up support and coaching throughout all phases of the business cycle – from the preparation and start-up phases to going to market and the growth phase
  • Advice on applying for subsidies (e.g. the EXIST start-up grant and the EXIST Transfer of Research programme) (in German)
  • Advice on patents and property rights
  • Qualifications through workshops and events

The GIZ organises individual consultations, workshops and networking opportunities for teaching staff.

Founding and Innovation Centre (GIZ)

Higher education didactics / digital didactics

  • Workshops/certificate programme for university teaching
  • University teaching advice
  • Support for digital teaching
  • Teaching excellence award

Higher education didactics

Digital didactics blog - forschen@studium (in German)

International Office (IO)

  • Advice on teaching assignments abroad and financing
  • Advice for international academics regarding their stay in Oldenburg
  • Assistance for applications for mobility funding and project funding
  • Advice on concluding cooperation agreements with partner universities

International Office

Internal evaluation

  • Course evaluation
  • Teaching Analysis Poll (TAP) = interim evaluation of teaching quality in courses
  • Alternative feedback methods in courses

Internal evaluation

PLAR - Recognition of professional competences

Online consultation hours for subject representatives and subject advisors

  • Stud.IP PLAR recognition: Study group for subject representatives

Stud.IP: Study group for subject representatives

Programme / system accreditation

  • Advice on academic quality management
  • Advice on accreditations
  • Advice on the further development of degree programmes

Accreditation (in German)

Representative for employees with disabilities

The representative for employees with disabilities is an elected representative and point of contact for severely disabled employees or employees with an equivalent status, including

  • Technical and administrative staff
  • Academic staff
  • Teaching staff

One of the representative’s main objectives is to promote the integration of people with disabilities.

Representative for employees with a disability (in German)

Health and safety unit

  • Promotes the safety and health of all employees and students at the University
  • Organises first-aiders, the fire safety team and safety officers
  • Cooperates with the university doctor (occupational medical care)
  • Contact point for the Landesunfallkasse (Lower Saxony Accident Insurance Fund) in Hannover
  • Provides assistance during risk assessments (particularly in the case of pregnancy)
  • Ensures an ergonomic workplace
  • Provides personal protective equipment
  • Ensures safety at events
  • Performs workplace inspections
  • Monitors occupational health and safety measures (e.g. accident investigations, in-house occupational management, PPE testing, etc.)

Health and safety unit (in German)

Students at work. Campus office for the university and trade unions cooperation centre

Students at Work organises a number of activities to complement course units, such as:

  • Lectures on the topic of rights and obligations during the internship
  • Organisation of excursions in the professional field
  • Cooperation with teachers on seminar content on the topic of the world of work and labour law

Students at work (in German)

Studying with a disability

Disability representative

  • Assistance and advice on accessing support measures
  • Information relating to accessibility in the teaching environment

Disability representative

Disability advice service

  • Assistance and advice on accessing support measures
  • Support in dealing with students with a disability (communication, a fear of contact, misunderstandings)
  • Information on various support services available to disabled students

Disability advice service (in German)

Study and Career Counselling Service (ZSKB)

The ZSKB provides advice and support to all students, graduates and doctoral candidates, regardless of their degree programme, taking into account their own personal situation.

Teaching staff and academic advisors can contact the ZSKB at any time with issues arising from their contact with students. For example:

  • Problems communicating with individual students
  • Addressing difficult topics
  • Issues that cannot be immediately addressed by the School

Teaching staff are welcome to refer to the ZSKB with the following issues:

  • Student Counselling
    • Organising your studies and challenges during the degree programme (including the final phase)
    • Switching to a different degree programme/university and doubts about your choice of programme
    • Challenges during your studies
  • Learning workshops at the ZSKB:
    • Academic writing skills, questions and workshops about scientific methods
  • Career counselling service (in German) (up to one year after graduation)
  • Advice for doctoral candidates

Study and Career Counselling Service

Centre for teacher training and didactics (DIZ)

  • Conceptual and coordinating interdisciplinary and cross-faculty tasks related to teacher training, school development, knowledge transfer, research related to teacher training and quality assurance
  • Assistance organising school placements as part of the dual-subject Bachelor’s degree programme with teacher training and the Master of Education
  • Issues relating to teacher training programmes offered in collaboration with the University of Bremen
  • Issues advice to and in collaboration with other advice and support services at the university, e.g. academic advisors at the Schools, the ZSKB, the IO, the Academic Examinations Office, the Admissions Office

DiZ (in German)

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