Subject Advisory Service

Prof. Dr. Thilo Gross

Phone: +49 471 4831-2526

Helmholtz Institute for Functional Marine Biodiversity at the University of Oldenburg (HIFMB)
Ammerländer Heerstraße 231
26129 Oldenburg

Office hours: by arrangement

Structure of the degree program

Master Environmental Modelling

Course of studies over the semesters

Semester 1  
Module Introduction to Environmental Modelling: Ring-VL & Project Study 6 CP
3 modules from basic competences (possibly according to the access committee) 18 CP
1 module in the chosen profile area 6 CP
Semester 2  
3 modules combined from specialisation and supplementary area 18 CP
1 module in the chosen profile area 6 CP
Module Practical Seminar Modelling Study 6 CP
Semester 3  
3 modules combined from focus area and supplementary area 18 CP
Module Contact internship/research project 12 CP
Semester 4  
Final module Master's thesis 30 CP

We strongly recommend that you complete the module contact internship/research project before the final module Master's thesis, because in most cases this provides an important decision-making aid for the selection of the Master's thesis and is also frequently associated with the acquisition of knowledge and methodological skills important for the Master's topic.

Exemplary study path

If the student chooses the specialisation Statistical and Stochastic Modelling (SSSM), courses from the specialisation Process- and System-Oriented Modelling in the supplementary area ( EB ), as well as the profile area Environmental Systems and Biodiversity (PUB ), the concrete course of studies could look as follows:

preceded in each case by: Module group / placed after: (module number)

1st semester:

EUM (6 CP): Introduction to Environmental Modelling (mar700)
BK (18 CP) Basic Competences: Fundamentals of Mathematical Modelling (mar353), Fundamentals of Biology/Ecology (mar715), Hydrodynamics (mar718)
PUB (6 CP) from Profile Module Environmental Systems and Biodiversity: Ocean-Climate-Environmental Physics (mar356)

2nd emester:

SSSM (12 CP) from focus area Statistical Modelling: Time Series Analysis (mar364), Stochastic Processes ( mar365 )
EB (6 CP) from complementary area: Climate Models ( mar368 )
PUB (6 CP) from profile module Environmental Systems and Biodiversity: Theory of Ecological Communities ( mar363 )
PSM (6 CP) Practical Seminar Modelling Study (mar780)

3rd semester:

SSSM (6 CP) from specialisation Statistical Modelling: Statistical Ecology ( mar376 )
EB (12 CP) from supplementary module: Nonlinear Dynamics in the Earth System ( mar374), Models in Population Dynamics ( mar375 )
KPFP (12 CP) Research project (mar800)

4th semester:

AMMA Master's thesis (30 CP)

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