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Outstanding doctoral thesis award

2023 outstanding doctoral thesis award
in memory of Gerhard Wachsmann

For more than 40 years, the University Society of Oldenburg (UGO) has been promoting scientific education at the University of Oldenburg while fostering the establishment of the university in the region. In 2023, the UGO is again awarding a prize for an outstanding doctoral thesis. This prize is awarded each year to a young scientist for a particularly successful doctorate at the University of Oldenburg.

The humanities, social sciences and cultural studies on the one hand and mathematics, natural sciences and medicine on the other are to be considered alternately: In 2022, the prize was awarded to a doctoral thesis in the humanities, social and cultural sciences. In 2023, the call for proposals is directed at doctorates in the area of mathematics, science and medicine.

This award also serves to honor Gerhard Wachsmann, who, as chairman of the UGO, played a decisive role in the expansion of the university and in establishing strong bonds between city, region and university of Oldenburg.

The award comes with a prize money of

€ 2,000.

The prize is awarded for doctorates that have been completed in the last two years in the humanities, social and cultural sciences. The selection is based on proposals made by professors. You cannot nominate yourself. Persons eligible to propose may only nominate one candidate for the outstanding doctoral thesis award. The nominees may only be nominated in one prize category, either for the award for excellent research or for the outstanding doctoral thesis award.

In addition to a copy of the dissertation, at least two expert opinions prepared for the assessment of the thesis, a copy of the doctoral certificate, a scientific curriculum vitae and a recommendation by the professor making the nomination must be submitted. The recommendation is intended to point out the special value of the proposed doctoral thesis – in a way that also enables people outside the narrow scientific field to recognize and appreciate the outstanding quality of the thesis.

The board of the UGO decides upon the awarding of the prize whereby the decision is based on the proposal of a jury of renowned scientists. Legal recourse is excluded.

The award ceremony will take place in december 2023 as part of the opening event of the academic year.

Nominations (with full address, telephone and e-mail address of the nominee) must be submitted by

31 July 2023

Please send your nomination to the following email address: .

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