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Prof. Dr. Bernd Siebenhüner


Birgit Schelenz

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New Publication: Design and Insights Gained in a Real-World Laboratory for the Implementation of New Coastal Protection Strategies

New types of coastal protection strategies are needed to cope with sea level rise caused by climate change. They aim at sustainable development of coastal areas in the face of intensification and changing land use. One promising approach is the development of nature-based solutions (NbS) that complement the safety level of technical infrastructure. However, NbS lack widespread and large-scale implementation. To address this deficit, co-design concepts that combine experiences from science and practice are needed. This paper presents and discusses the approach of a coastal-specific real laboratory (RwL), which deals with the integrative design of ecosystem-based coastal protection. Strategies of RwLs are applied for the first time in a coastal context along the German North Sea coast. We have found that the concept of RwLs is suitable for transdisciplinary coastal research, even if adjustments in the spatial reference level or flexibility in terms of location and time of experiments are necessary. A sound actor analysis is essential to specify participatory processes and levels of interaction. A criteria-based cooperative selection of RWL sites helps to uncover and resolve conflicts of interest in order to build trust between science and practice. Taking into account site-specific characteristics and practitioner needs, our coastal RWL provides a mutual learning space for developing and testing NbS as a complement to engineered coastal protection. further information

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