Head of division

Prof. Dr. Volker Hohmann

+49 441 798 5468


Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg
Faculty VI - School of Medicine and Health Sciences
Department of Medical Physics and Acoustics
D - 26111 Oldenburg







Current topics

Auditory signal processing - current topics

What we work on...

In Oldenburg, we work on algorithms that put the cocktail party effect into hearing aids. We follow various noise suppression approaches, from (binaurally connected) directional microphones to stochastic algorithms.

We perform fundamental research on algorithms for speech processing in hearing aids. These algorithms perform

  • noise suppression/reduction
  • volume compression, e.g. for compensating defects in loudness perception in the hard-of-hearing.
  • signal classification, i.e. automatic signal classification to determine the current hearing environment.

Open master thesis topics:

"Combining acoustic scene analysis, movement behavior and multi-directional spatial filtering"

"Speech enhancement for hearing aids using a combination of binaural and periodicity features"

"Interaction strategies of head motion and direction-of-arrival estimation"

"Comparison of motion behavior in the field and in the lab"

"Analysis of movement behavior during conversations in a social context"

We offer Bachelor- and Master-theses in these areas, please contact us!

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