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Work-group leader

Prof. Dr. Jutta Kunz

+49 441-798-3184

Prof. Dr. Björn Poppe

+49 441-229-1614

Dr. Thorsten Plaggenborg, Dipl.-Chem.

+49 441-798-3444


Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg
V. School of Mathematics and Science
Carl-von-Ossitzky-Str. 9-11 26129 Oldenburg

Site plan with route planner

Image of the entire sky above the Oldenburg Observatory

Instruments of the observatory

Robotic telescopes of the University Observatory

The observatory in Oldenburg has two of its own robotic telescopes with diameters ranging from 15 cm to 40 cm. These are used both in research and for telescope training during studies.

Large Main Telescope of the Oldenburg Observatory (GHOST)

Oldenburg Robotic Telescope (ORT)

The telescopes can be integrated into a weather-controlled planning system, which analyses the current cloud and weather conditions, in order to optimise observation times.

Weather control of the telescopes

Further robotic telescopes in the practical course

The practical course involves the use of various robotic telescopes that can be controlled via a website. The use of these is free of charge and makes it easy to get your first shots and get into astrophotography without buying expensive equipment.

The use of Slooh and iTelescope is explained and agreed with the supervisors beforehand. Use is chargeable to the university and is therefore limited. But with NASA's MicroObservatory in particular, they can get started directly and even without prior knowledge.

Allsky cameras

Allsky cameras, which mostly consist of cameras with a fisheye lens, cover the entire sky with their observations. The aim of our cameras is to observe the entire night sky. In the course of this, various systems and applications have emerged.

To the Allsky cameras


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