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At University of Oldenburg

Observatory at the University of Oldenburg

The University of Oldenburg has its own observatory on the roof of the physics department at the Campus Wechloy. The site is equipped with a wide range of telescopes with sizes of up to 40 cm in diameter. Moreover, numerous cooperations and memberships enable regular access to telescopes with diameters of up to 1 m. 

Within the scope of the physics studies it is possible for students to learn the theoretical as well as the practical parts of astrophysics. On the one hand, they learn the theoretical backgrounds in various courses given by theoretical physicists. On the other hand, the students can go through different labs to gain practical experience.  

There is a selection of events for the general public introducing the work of the observatory at the University of Oldenburg and astropysics in general. For example there were a series of presentations and guided tours on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the general theory of relativity. 

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