Lars Erik Janner


Room: W4 0-050

Tel.: 0441 798-3343


Lars Erik Janner

M.Sc. Lars Erik Janner

Research Interests

- Processes and dynamics of biodiversity assemblages
- Epiphytic host preferences and patterns

Vascular epiphytes make up a large part of tropical plant diversity. However, due to their difficult access high up in the tree, studies investigating their long-term dynamics are scarce. As a doctoral candidate, I want to fill this gap by studying the long-term dynamics of an epiphyte community in the tropical lowlands of Panama. The goal of my research is to contribute to a better understanding of patterns and processes of diversity and abundance over time. Therefore, I collect data both directly from epiphytes on trees in the field, as well as with the help of modelling epiphyte community dynamics.


Karwinkel, T., Winklhofer, M., Janner, L. E., Brust, V., Hüppop, O., Bairlein, F., & Schmaljohann, H. 2022. A magnetic pulse does not affect free-flight navigation behaviour of a medium-distance songbird migrant in spring. Journal of Experimental Biology, 225(19), jeb244473.

Curriculum vitae

Since 02/2023   Doctoral student at the Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg
2022         Master of Science in Ecology und Nature Conservation at the University of Potsdam
2018   Bachelor of Science in Biology at the Humboldt University Berlin
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