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Jessica Ying Ling Tay

M.Sc. Jessica Tay

Research Interests / Project

  • Biomechanical properties of plants
  • Plant responses to mechanical stresses

My PhD is part of the project Epiphytes and wind in a changing world. I am particularly interested in studying the biomechanical responses of epiphytes in the face of wind; how different morphology and flexibility influences the streamlining effects. I will also quantify the innate roots tensile strength and attachment properties, to understand the mechanism of epiphytes’ attachment to their substrate. 


Tay JYL, Erfmeier, A & Kalwij, JM. 2019. Reaching new heights: can drones replace current methods to study plant population dynamics? Plant Ecology 219: 1139-1150.

Tay JYL, Zotz G, Puczylowski J & Einzmann H. 2021. Go with the flow: The extent of drag reduction as epiphytic bromeliads reorient in wind. PLoS ONE 16: e0252790.

Curriculum Vitae

Since 02/2018   Doctoral student, University of Oldenburg
2015 – 2017           M.Sc., Kiel University. International Master in Applied Ecology (IMAE, ERASMUS MUNDUS programme)
2011 – 2015B.Sc., National University of Singapore
(Changed: 2021-06-25)