Head of division

Prof. Dr. Bernd T. Meyer

+49 441 798 3280

W2 2-260

Administrative Support

Jessica Jurado Garcia

+49 441 798 3003

+49 441 798 3902

W2 1-169

Postal address

Communication Acoustistic, Fk. VI
Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg
D-26111 Oldenburg, Germany

How to find us


Hearing4all: The goal of this Cluster of Excellence is to eliminate the negative effects of hearing loss on individuals by providing accessible and affordable, efficient and effective technical hearing solutions for everyone. Our contribution is to develop models of speech perception that can predict how well speech is understood in background noise. Such models could be used to fast prototyping of next-gen hearing aids. Website

MOND: The goal of the »MOND« project is to produce proof of concept for an AI-based sensor system for the automatic detection of epileptic seizures in daily life. The Communication Acoustics group contributes machine algorithms for seizure detection based on deep neural networks. Website


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