Head of division

Prof. Dr. Bernd T. Meyer

+49 441 798 3280

W2 2-260

Administrative Support

Jessica Jurado Garcia

+49 441 798 3003

+49 441 798 3902

W2 1-169

Postal address

Communication Acoustistic, Fk. VI
Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg
D-26111 Oldenburg, Germany

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Communication Acoustics: Team

Prof. Dr. Bernd T. Meyer

Email: bernd dot meyer at uol dot de
Office: W2 2-260
Phone: +49 441 798 3280

Administrative Support

Jessica Jurado Garcia

Email: jessica dot jurado dot garcia at uol dot de
Office: W2 1-169
Phone: +49 441 798 3003

PhD Students

Dirk Hoffner
PhD Project: Exploration of speech interfaces for clinical listening tests 
Office: W2 2-266a
Phone: +49 441 798 3901

Jana Roßbach
PhD project: Modeling hearing-impaired listening with non-linear classifiers for automatic speech recognition
Email: jana dot rossbach at uol dot de
Office: W2 2-256
Phone: +49 441 798 3251


Nils Westhausen
PhD project: Speech enhancement based on deep-learning for hearing-impaired listeners    
Email: nils dot westhausen at uol dot de
Office: W2 2-262
Phone: +49 441 798 3068


Till Habersetzer
PhD project: Correlates of speech perception in EEG (in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Andreas Radeloff)
Office: W2 2-262
Phone: +49 441 798 3068

Angel Castro
PhD project: Scalable multi-stream automatic speech recognition for optimized hearing aids 
Email: angel dot castro at uol dot de

Master and Bachelor Students

  Daniel-José Alcala Padilla
Master Project: Speaker enhancement for hearing aids in multi-speaker environments
Office: W2 2-266a
Phone: +49 441 798 3901
  Marius Gwinner
Bachelor Project: Location-based cues for models of speech intelligibility

Gut zu wissen: Teeküche W2 1-162 (Tel: 3566)


Dr. Jasper Ooster
PhD project: Human-machine interfaces for self-conducted hearing screening in mobile applications

null Nadine El-Dajani
Detection of epileptic seizures in mobile scenarios with machine learning

Simon Menzen
Bachelor Project: Phoneme classification for multi-lingual speech audiometry

Hartmut Schoon
Bachelor project: Multilingual speech audiometry based on continuous dynamic time warping

null Max Blümer
Master project: Neurophysiological correlates of listening fatigue 
null Tessa Sievers
Master project: Neurophysiological correlates of listening effort in complex auditory scenes

Thalea Hoogestraat
Deep machine listening for keyword spotting based on phoneme probabilities

Michael Thiermann
Master project: Speaker enhancement through spatial filtering and deep speaker separation in multi-channel devices

Pia Nancy Porysek Moreta
Master project: Perceived speech quality of singing and regular speech in reverberant environments
Dr. Feifei Xiong
PhD project: Estimation of acoustic room parameters with machine listening in noisy and reverberant environments (in collaboration with Fraunhofer HSA)

Now with the Department of Computer Science at the University of Sheffield

Dr. Tobias de Taillez
PhD project: Prediction of listeners’ attention by real-time analysis of biosignals
Now with Elbstack

Dr. Constantin Spille
PhD project: Context-aware speech recognition in complex acoustic scenes (SFB "The Active Auditory System)

Now with the KI Group, Cologne. 
Dr. Rainer Huber
Postdoctoral researcher in Hearing4all: Increasing speech intelligibility in cochlear implant and hearing aid users through deep machine listening
Now with Fraunhofer IDMT

Dr. Mats Exter
Master project: Reproduction of human phoneme response patterns with auditory features and deep neural networks
Now with HörTech gGmbH

Marina Imsiecke (geb. Frye)
Master project: Relation of speech-specific representations of audio signals and electro-cortical activations in the human brain

Now with the Medizinische Hochschule Hannover

Paul Kranzusch
Master project: Relation of listening effort and models based on deep learning in unknown noise scenarios    
Now with the group of Marc René Schädler

Franz Kunze
Bachelor project: Representations of speech in machine learning: Analysis of acoustic properties and categorical patterns
Tom Hattendorf
Bachelor project: Perceived speech quality in VoIP applications    

Email: tom dot hattendorf at uol dot de
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