Current Projects

  • PVKLIMA: Energy Yield from Thin Film Photovoltaic Modules under the Influence of different Climate Impacts
  • Thesis

Past Projects

At Oldenburg University:

  • DiGASP: Distribution Grid Analysis and Simulation with Photovoltaics
  • DWD-AEROCOM: Downscaling and updating of the GADS aerosol database.
  • FLINS: Fotovoltaik Leistungsvergleich im norddeutschen Strahlungsklima (supported by DBU)
  • MeteoRES: Turning Wind Energy Meteorology into System Integrations Services for Energy Market Participants (supported by the EC Work Programme "PEOPLE"). 
  • Adaptation of solar irradiance map software, calculation of irradiance maps and validation for solar energy system developers.
  • MESOR: Management and Explotation of Solar Resource Knowledge
  • DEMS: Decentral Energy Management System (commissioned by EWE)
  • Implementation and further development of the Kriging of Difference method as developed in the PVSAT2 project (commissioned by Meteocontrol)
  • Heliosat3: Improvement of satellite irradiance measurements by exploiting the increased capabilities of the Meteosat Second Generation (European Commission fifth frame work program)
  • Implementation of the Heliosat3 software at DWD CM-SAF
  • PVSAT2: Intelligent Performance Check of PV System Operation
    Based on Satellite Data (European Commission sixth frame work program)

At University of Utrecht:

  • Evaluation of designs of PV-systems in the built environment 1997-2000 (commisioned by Novem)
  • Monitoring of the PV noisebarrier along the A27. (commissioned by Novem)
  • PVSAT: Remote performance Check for Grid Connected PV Systems Using Satellite Data (Joule III project under co-ordination of Fraunhofer ISE)
  • Inventory of PV monitoring project in the Netherlands. (commissioned by Novem)
  • Evaluation of irradiation measurements on horizontal and tilted surfaces. (commissioned by Novem)
  • Establishing the potential for PV on noise barriers in the Netherlands (part of Thermie B project PVNB pot.)
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