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On the rooftop of the building W2 on the Campus Wechloy ( Pos.: 53°9'8.38''N 8°9'57.68''E ) several meteorological and solar energy related instruments for scientific research are installed.



Sky Imager The cloud camera is the webcam-based surveillance camera Vivotek FE8172V. The fish eye lens allows a field of view of 180°. Images are collected and archived every 10 seconds. Cloud coverage and dominant cloud types are calculated automatically based on machine learning algorithms.

Photo: cloud camera with fish eye lens; Copyright: John Kalisch Temperature Air temperature and relative humidity are measured with a Theodor Friedrichs Typ 3031 in a ventilated housing. Wind speed and direction The wind measurement takes place in 6.5 meters above the roof with a cup anemometer and wind vane from the manufacturer Thies. Measurements are acquired every second but averaged for visualization to 10 minute averages.

Photo: wind measurements on Campus Wechloy. Copyright: Thomas Schmidt Global and Diffuse radiation Surface solar irradiance ( global and diffuse ) are measured with Kipp & Zonen CM11 pyranometers. The sensor for diffuse radiation is mounted on a suntracker with shadow balls in order to block the direct sun. Since december 2013 both sensors are actively ventilated to prevent water droplets and icing on its domes.

Diffustrahlung mit CM11 auf Solartracker

Foto: Sun tracker with CM11 Pyranometer for diffuse radiation measurements; Copyright: John Kalisch

Direct normal radiation Direct Normal Radiation (DNI) is measured with the "normal incidence pyrheliometer" NIP from Eppley.


Photo: Sun tracker with Eppley NIP for measuring direct normal radiation; Copyright: John Kalisch Spectral radiationSpectrally resolved radiation is measured with a RAMSES ACC VIS of the manufacturer TRIOS. It  measures in the range of 350 - 900 nm wavelength.

RAMSES Spektralradiometer

Foto: Spectral radiometer RAMSES. Copyright: Thomas Schmidt


Current measurements at Campus Wechloy

Air temperature and relative humidity

time series temp+rh

The diurnal variations of air temperature and relative humidity is shown as a timeseries. Both parameters are measured at the rooftop of building W2. Further information can be read in the right column.


past 7 days


past year

Zeitreihe Temperatur (7 Tage)

Zeitreihe Temperatur (Jahr)

Wind direction and -speed

Zeitreihe Temperatur und rel Feuchte

Today's course of wind direction and -speed are shown as a timeseries. Both parameters are displayed as 10 minute averages. Furthermore the maximum windspeed of the last 10 minutes (gusts) are shown in the upper graph. The sensor is installed about 6.5m above the rooftop.


past 7 days


past year

Zeitreihe Wind (7 Tage)

Zeitreihe Wind (Jahr)

Solar radiation

Zeitreihe Strahlungsmessungen

The course of the solar irradiance ( top: global radiation (red), diffuse radiation (green), theoretical clear sky radiation (dotted); bottom: direct normal radiation ) measured every second but displayed as minutely averages.


past 7 days


past year

Zeitreihe Einstrahlung (7 Tage)

Zeitreihe Einstrahlung (Jahr)

Zeitreihe Strahlungsmessungen 1Hz

High-resolution measurements (1s sample rate) of last 20 minutes to visualize the short-term variability of solar irradiance due to passing clouds.

Spectral radiation


The spectral radiation is measured every 5 seconds and covers the range from 350 to 900nm wavelength. Here, the latest spectra is displayed. The sensor used is a TRIOS Ramses.

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