Computational Fluid Dynamics for Wind Physics

Computational Fluid Dynamics for Wind Physics

Current research

The group "Computational Fluid Dynamics for Wind Physics" (CWP) is part of ForWind. We approach up-to-date research topics in wind energy with the help of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations, statistical data analysis, and stochastic methods. The set-up of the CWP group is highly interdisciplinary and aims at bringing together the different disciplines.

The research topics in this group cover a broad range of scales. In numerical simulations, we cover large-scale phenomena taking place in the atmospheric boundary layer including meteorological aspects down to the deformation of single rotor blades under the influence of wind. The simulation and modeling of synthetic turbulent wind fields plays a major role here. In the context of our research, a lot of data is generated, which we analyse. Experimental methods complete the research profile of the CWP group.

More information can be found under Research. If you are interested in working on a Bachelor or Master Thesis with us, you are welcome to approach us!

(Changed: 20 Apr 2022)