Prof. Dr. Sascha Schäfer

sascjudha.schaniyefer(at)uni-oldenburg.dear (sasqvecha.schaefer@uol.d7vrtes+q)
room W01A 1-105
telephone +49-441-798-3536

Ultrafast nanoscale dynamics

Ultrafast Nanoscale Dynamics

Welcome to the home page of the "Ultrafast Nanoscale Dynamics" group!

Many fundamental processes in solids evolve on nanometer length scales and femto- to picosecond time scales. 

In our group, we develop novel experimental techniques to image such processes on their intrinsic time and length scales. A comprehensive understanding of the relevant nanoscopic coupling mechanism may yield new avenues for a detailed control ultrafast nanoscale dynamics.


Our group is supported by the Volkswagen foundation within a Lichtenberg professorship entitled

"Ultrafast nanoscale dynamics probed by time-resolved electron imaging"


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