Reminder: The paperwork for stay abroad credit should be submitted during the main credit transfer slots (Blocktermine zur Anrechnung von im Ausland erbrachten Studienleistungen und Auslandsaufenthalten) and NOT in individual office hours unless you are within two months of graduation and need immediate confirmation.

Course Credit from Abroad

To gain credit points1 in Oldenburg for academic courses completed in another country, you need the following documents:

  • An academic transcript of records from the international university. You will need the original and at least one (unofficial) photocopy – this is in addition to the copy required above. If you want to have partial modules recognised, or modules for two different degree programmes (BA + MEd), then you will need extra copies.
  • Course outlines, syllabi and completed work. Please bring as much information as you have, so we can work out which courses are equivalent. We cannot give credit based on a course code and a title! (If you studied in the UK or Australia, a list of the grading standards from the university is also helpful, as each one is different.)
  • Official or non-binding learning agreement (if available).

You will then need to come to one of the "Blocktermine zur Anrechnung von im Ausland erbrachten Studienleistungen und Auslandsaufenthalten". You can also see individual lecturers in their office hours, but this is more complicated and not recommended, as you will have to see several different people.

Please consult the departmental advisors first rather than approaching the Prüfungsamt for your credits directly!


Current subject coordinators for Anrechnung/credit transfer

  • For general course advice, contact the Fachstudienberatung and see elsewhere on the website.
  • Literature and Cultural Studies - Dr. Anna Auguscik
  • Linguistics and Language Science - Dr. Ilka Flöck
  • Didactics - Christian Kramer
  • Sprachpraxis - Lauren Freede
  • Compulsory school internships - the DIZ, Christian Kramer or Dr. Sylke Bakker


The general principle of credit transfer is that you should make sure there are "no substantial differences" between the course content and assessment in the courses you study abroad and the Oldenburg courses/modules for which you would like to receive credit.

(1) For further questions about the general concept of credit transfer / "Anrechung", the Prüfungsamt has more information on their website, including FAQs.

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