Research Associate

 Niklas Ellerich-Groppe, M.A.

+49 (0)441 798 - 4356

Postal address

Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg
Faculty VI - Medicine and Health Sciences
Department of Health Services Research
Division of Ethics in Medicine
Ammerländer Heerstr. 114-118
26129 Oldenburg


Visiting address

Campus Haarentor, Building V04
Ammerländer Heerstraße 140 
26129 Oldenburg

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Niklas Ellerich-Groppe M.A.

Niklas Ellerich-Groppe studied Social Work (B.A.) and Educational Science (M.A.) as well as Protestant Theology. After student assistant positions at the Institute for Educational Science at the University of Osnabrück and at the Institute for Ethics and Associated Social Sciences at the University of Münster as well as a position as associate lecturer at the University of Osnabrück, he has been working as a research associate in the Division for Ethics in Medicine since September 2019, and additionally at OFFIS – Institute for Information Technology since April 2023. 

His research interests lie in the area of digitalization of healthcare and diversity in healthcare. He also addresses ethical questions in medicine, healthcare, and health politics from an intergenerational perspective. In this course, a special focus lies on solidarity as (bio)ethical and moralphilosophical category.

Throughout his work, he pursues an interdisciplinary approach and combines social science, philosophical and theological perspectives with methods of empirical social research. Here, he focuses especially on qualitative research methods and on interview research as well as discourse analysis in particular. Beside his PhD-project, he is particularly involved in the PRISMAE-project and the DiAStereo-project as well as in the VAPiAR-project at OFFIS

Curriculum Vitae

Since 04/2023 Research Assistant at the Research & Development Divison Health at OFFIS – Institute for Information Technology
Since 09/2019 Research Assistant in the Division for Ethics in medicine at the Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg
Summer Term 2019
Summer Term 2020
Associate Lecturer at the Institute for Educational Science at Osnabrück University
04/2017-09/2019 Student Assistant at the Institute for Ethics and Associated Social Sciences at the University of Münster
04/2017-06/2018 Student Assistant at the Institute for Educational Science at Osnabrück University
09/2018 Master of Arts - Educational Science, Osnabrück University
08/2016 Bachelor of Arts - Social Work (Catholic University of Applied Sciences, Münster)

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Research Focus

  • Digitalization and technologization of health care
  • Diversity in healthcare
  • Intergenerational perspectives in (bio)ethics
  • Solidarity as a (bio)ethical and moral-philosophical category
  • Political philosophy and theories of the welfare state
  • Qualitative social research



Articles (selection)

  • Ellerich-Groppe, Niklas (2023): „Mit Bluetooth ein Signal der Solidarität senden“? – Eine medizinethische Analyse der öffentlichen Debatte über die Corona-Warn-App. Ethik in der Medizin 35, 265-283.
  • Weßel, Merle*; Ellerich-Groppe, Niklas*; Koppelin, Frauke; Schweda, Mark (2022): Gender and Age Stereotypes in Robotics for Eldercare: Ethical Implications of Stakeholder Perspectives from Technol- ogy Development, Industry, and Nursing. Science and Engineering Ethics. (*shared first authorship)
  • Ellerich-Groppe, Niklas; Pfaller, Larissa; Schweda, Mark (2021): Young for old – old for young? Ethical perspectives on intergenerational solidarity and responsibility in public discourses on COVID-19. European Journal of Ageing.

Conference contributions (selection)

  • Ellerich-Groppe, Niklas: Intergenerational Solidarity as a Moral Resource in the Face of Systemic Risks. Lessons (to Be) Learned from COVID-19. Invited Teaser-Talk at the Herrenhausen Conference “Climate Related Systemic Risks: Lessons Learned from Covid-19”, 21 – 23 June 2023, Hanover, Germany.
  • Ellerich-Groppe, Niklas: New Solidarity or Eroding Solidarity? – A Critical Analysis of Notions of Solidarity in the Public Media Discourse on Self-Tracking and Health Care in Germany. Vortrag auf dem 16. World Congress of Bioethics, 20 – 22 July 2022, Basel, Schwitzerland.
  • Ellerich-Groppe, Niklas: “A Signal of Solidarity via Bluetooth”? An Ethical Analysis of the
    Public Debate on the Corona-Warn-App in Germany. Talk at the conference „Digital Technologies in the COVID-19-Pandemic – A Transnational Dialogue between Germany and Japan“ (TechCo), 15 March 2022, online.

List of publications

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