Heavy metals water

Subproject 3: Chemistry of the Jade Bay

Heavy metals in the water column of the Jade Bay

This work is dedicated to the distribution of dissolved and particulate heavy metals (e.g. Cd, Mo, Mn, Cu, Pb, Zn) in the Jade Bay and the Outer/Inner Jade. The water column is regularly sampled during transects from the Outer Jade to the bay. Likewise, the water column is continuously sampled during 48h on a fixed site in the southern part of the bay at least 4 times a year to gain insight in the tidal influence on metal dynamics.

Further, there is a regular sampling in the bay close to two GKSS time-series stations which deliver oceanographic data. Thus, both sediments and overlying shallow water column are sampled in parallel at selected sites given the tight coupling of water column and sediment (see Heavy metals in sediments). Finally the fresh water pools at the flood gates surrounding the Jade Bay are monthly sampled to assess the chemical contribution by fresh water discharge to the bay. In all samples from the bay and the flood gates nutrients are analysed as well (Liebezeit group). Both the data of former studies and all new results will be integrated in the “Data Warehouse” and serve to validate a hydrodynamical model for the Jade Bay set up by Karsten Lettmann.


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