Dr. Ferdinand Esser, MBA
Scientific Coordinator of Early Career Researchers (Doctoral Candidates and Postdocs) of the ICBM



Datum/Date Veranstaltung/Event Ort/Location
14.11.2019 - 15.11.2019 3rd EcoMol Status Seminar Etelsen
27.11.2019 - 28.11.2019 2nd SFB Roseobacter PhD-Workshop “Steps to a collaborative research project” Farge, Bremen
24.09.2019 - 27.09.2019 ICYMARE conference for young marine researchers Bremen
28.08.2019 - 30.08.2019 Marine Microbiota Ecology, Interactions and Systems Biology - International Symposium of the Collaborative Research Center Roseobacter Oldenburg
22.05.2019 - 23.05.2019 2nd EcoMol PhD Workshop “State of your research in the RTG EcoMol – your Scientific Career and what comes next?” Neuharlingersiel
16.05.2019 4th Career Paths in Marine Sciences – Catching the right WAYve, Programme Oldenburg
09.03.2019 4th ICBM PhD Day, Programme Oldenburg
27.02.2019 Jacobs Career Fair 2019 PROGRAM & CATALOGUE Bremen


Datum/Date Veranstaltung/Event Ort/Location
25.08.2020 - 28.08.2020 ICYMARE conference for young marine researchers Bremerhaven
16.05.2020 4th Graduate Symposium 'Career Paths of Marine and Climate Scientists' 2020 Bremen
02.04.2020 5th ICBM PhD Day, Programme Oldenburg
16.03.2020 - 17.03.2020 SFB Roseobacter Status Seminar Braunschweig
04.03.2020 Jacobs Career Fair 2020 PROGRAM & CATALOGUE Bremen


Datum/Date Veranstaltung/Event Ort/Location
29.11.2018 Fireside chat / Kamingespräch: with Dr. Maren Zark; Landeskriminalamt (LKA) Bremen / State Office of Criminal Investigation ICBM, OL
16.10.2018 -
SFB Roseobacter PhD-Workshop at "Spiekeroog": Introduction, research topics and network in Roseobacter Spiekeroog
11.09.2018 -
YOUMARES 9 "The Oceans: Our research, Our Future" Oldenburg
25.05.2018 3rd Graduate Symposium "Career Path of Marine and Climate Scientits" 2018 Bremen, HDW
22.03.2018 3rd ICBM PhD Day, Programme ICBM, Wilhelmshaven
28.02.2018 Jacobs Career Fair 2018 PROGRAM & CATALOGUE Bremen


Datum/Date Veranstaltung/Event Ort/Location
09.10.2017 2nd ICBM PhD Day, Programme ICBM, Oldenburg
13.09.2017 - 15.09.2017 YOUMARES 8 "Ocean across boundaries: Learning from each other Kiel
08.06.2017 ICBM-Career Day "Re-Search your future - Sea what comes next" at the 'World Oceans Day Oldenburg
09.05.2017 Visit of Wageningen University international PhD group Oldenburg
24.04.2017 Kamingespräch "Scientific Management, DFG" Oldenburg
23.03.2017 1st ICBM PhD Day, Programme ICBM, Wilhelmshaven
22.02.2017 Jacobs Career Fair 2017 PROGRAM & CATALOGUE Bremen


13.10.2016 - 15.10.2016PhD-Workshop „State of your research in the CRC Roseobacter – your Scientific Career and what comes next? / And some additional research funding opportunitiesNeuwerk
11.09.2016 - 13.09.2016YOUMARES 7 "People and the 7 Seas - Interaction and Innovation"Hamburg
27.05.20162nd Graduate Symposium "Career Path in Marine and Climate Reserach", programmeBremen, HDW
24.02.2016Jacobs Career Fair 2016 Bremen


16.10.2015ICBM-Career Day "Career Paths in Marine Sciences - Wat(t) danach ?!"Oldenburg
16.09.2015 - 18.09.2015YOUMARES 6 "A Journey into the blue - Ocean Reserach and Innovation"Bremen
01.06.2015 - 03.06.2015Site Visit Hamburg “Young scientists meet industry, enterprises, scientific management and institutes”Hamburg
23.03.2015Kamingespräch "Wissenschaftsmanagement"Oldenburg


10.09.2014 - 12.09.2014YOUMARES 5 "Opportunities and Solutions - Reserch for our changing Oceans"Stralsund
25.06.2014 - 27.06.2014PhD Workshop "My contribution to the CRC Roseobacter – my Scientific Network"Spiekeroog
23.05.20141st Graduate Symposium "Career Path in Marine and Climate Sciences", programmeBremen, HDW

2013 + 2012

11.09.2013 -
YOUMARES 4 "From coast to deep sea: multiscale approaches to marine sciences" FlyerOldenburg
03.11.2012ICBM-Career Day "Career ways in marine science", programme, conference bookOldenburg
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