Paper Sandowsky-Rothe et al. 2015

Paper Sandowsky-Rothe et al. 2015

Reciprocal measurement of acoustic feedback paths in hearing aids

Tobias Sankowsky-Rothe, Henning Schepker, Simon Doclo, Matthias Blau


A reciprocal measurement procedure to measure the acoustic feedback path in hearing aids is investigated. The advantage of the reciprocal measurement compared to the direct measurement is a significantly reduced sound pressure in the ear. The direct and reciprocal measurement are compared using measurements on a dummy head with adjustable ear canals, different earmolds and variations in the outer sound field. The results show that the reciprocal measurement procedure can be used to obtain plausible feedback paths, while reducing the sound pressure in the ear canal by 30 dB to 40 dB.


T. Sankowsky-Rothe, H. Schepker, S. Doclo, M. Blau
Reciprocal measurement of acoustic feedback paths in hearing aids.
JASA-EL, vol. 138, no. 4, pp. EL399--EL404, 2015


Here you can find the data on which all figures in the paper are based. If you use this data in your research and publications, please also put a reference to this paper. Thank you!

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This work was supported in part by the Research Unit FOR 1732 “Individualized Hearing Acoustics” and the Cluster of Excellence 1077 “Hearing4All”, funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG).

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