Prof. Dr. Tim Jürgens

Lübeck University of Applied Sciences
Department of Applied Sciences
Institute of Acoustics
Mönkhofer Weg 239
23562 Lübeck

Tel.: +49 451 300-5261


CI Vocoder

The CI Vocoder was developed by Timo Bräcker during his master's thesis. It gives the possibility to simulate the hearing with a Cochlear Implant on any kind of audio signal. For a detailed description of the CI Vocoder, please look up this link to find the master's thesis of Timo Bräcker.

Download - CI Vocoder

Cochlear Implant Nerve Model

The Cochlear Implant Nerve Model (shortly CI Model) was developed by Hamacher in 2004 and re-implemented into MATLAB by Fredelake und Hohmann in 2012. It is a population model of the auditory nerve spiking in response to electrical stimulation. For instance, the model displays several representations of the signal processing flow in a Cochlear Implant and gives the user the possibility to analyse this processing flow more thoroughly. The model also works with different electrode arrays and is still being further developed.

Download - Cochlear Implant Nerve Model

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