On questions about PPRE and its application procedure

Sandra Schwerz
Application and Administration Support
Postgraduate Programme in Renewable Energy

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Postgraduate Programme in Renewable Energy (Core Oldenburg)

Dr. Herena Torio
Programme Manager

+49 (0)441-798-3546

European Master in Renewable Energy (Core Oldenburg)

Dr. Robin Knecht
Programme Manager

+49 441 798-3212

Programme Coordinator

Edu Knagge


Mon - Thu

University of Oldenburg
School of Mathematics and Science
Institute of Physics
D-26111 Oldenburg

Renewable Energy Master Programmes

PPRE is a regular two-year MSc programme that teaches a broad fundament in renewable energy. It is designed for scientists and engineers intending to pursue a professional career in this field. During the studies students either follow a more application or a more science oriented career path. The research groups RE as well as the worldwide cooperation network of the programme offers various opportunities.


The European Master in Renewable Energy is directed towards engineers that want to specialise in one of the renewable energy technologies, such as Wind Energy, Photovoltaics, Ocean Energy, Solar Thermal or Grid Integration. Beginning their studies at the University of Oldenburg, students change for the second semester to a respective university of specialisation.


Our part-time study programme Renewable Energy Online (MSc) is the right choice for you if you want to become an expert on future energy systems by studying next to your job.  You will acquire competences in a broad range of Renewable Energy technologies, including solar and wind energy, storage technologies, electric power systems and the relationship between energy and society.



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