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Medical didactics offers

Please note the offer of our medical didactics, which is designed to support lecturers and those interested in teaching with subject- and format-specific peculiarities in the teaching of the model study programme in human medicine (e.g. special teaching and examination formats, teaching in clinical everyday life) through training and advisory offers. Further information and the current programme can be found at

Medical Didactics

Teaching Award

To encourage teachers in their commitment to good university teaching, the Teaching Prize is awarded at Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg. You can find more information here:

Teaching Award

Evaluation and Quality Assurance

A central instrument of quality management in the model study programme in human medicine is the student evaluation of courses. With the evaluation and quality assurance, the Dean of Studies pursues the fundamental goal of further development and optimisation of the model study programme through continuous and comprehensive feedback on strengths and weaknesses of the curriculum to lecturers and those responsible in the Dean of Studies. A further goal is to promote communication between all persons involved in teaching and studying and to optimise the overall studyability (study and examination procedures, framework conditions, etc.). The aim is to continuously improve the quality of teaching by carrying out evaluations since the start of teaching and regularly surveying students, lecturers and graduates. The scientific evaluations are summarised, discussed and transferred to the quality assurance and continuous curriculum reform of the model degree programme with those responsible.

Student course evaluation

The feedback of the students' perception of the teaching quality in different formats and longitudinal paths as well as in individual courses of the core curriculum to the lecturers enables a continuous improvement of the courses and promotes the exchange between students and lecturers.

From the summer semester 2021 onwards, all courses will be evaluated via Stud.IP each semester by means of course-related questionnaires (lecture/seminar and practical course). Click here for the questionnaires

In the summer semester 2020 and winter semester 2020/21, the student course evaluation (LVE) was carried out of individual courses and/or series of courses that reported for evaluation. Due to the pandemic situation, the course evaluation was carried out using a university-wide questionnaire from the Department of Studies and Teaching - Internal Evaluation(questionnaire online teaching standard).


The results of the course evaluation

Systematic evaluation of course formats and longitudinal pathways

In the model degree programme in human medicine, evaluation is format-related. In some formats, students are still surveyed on paper, but for the most part they are surveyed using online survey tools (Unizensus) with partially standardised questionnaires.

The following courses are evaluated regularly:

- Problem-based learning - Longitudinal research curriculum - Block placements - Simulation person programme: consultation complete - Professional development in year 5 - Practical year (per tertial).

Currently under development are evaluations of the following curricular events: - Professional Development in Year 1


On the results of the format-related evaluations and those of the longitudinal pathways

Cooperation with the Internal Evaluation of the Presidium

In cooperation with the colleagues of the Internal Evaluation in the Department of Studies and Teaching at the University of Oldenburg, further surveys are carried out in addition to the above-mentioned teaching evaluations.

These include the following surveys in particular: - Student surveys (biennial) - Graduate surveys (annual) - Student evaluations (annual)

Additional surveys on request

In addition to the format-related evaluation and the comprehensive student course evaluation of all courses in the biennial cycle of the core curriculum, there is also the possibility of evaluating individual courses by means of paper-based questionnaires. We offer this service in particular for the following cases:

  • Proof of the quality of lecturer-specific teaching performance as a prerequisite for application and/or qualification procedures or the acquisition of an Apl professorship.
  • Lecturer-specific course evaluations of courses that are not otherwise collected via one of the systematic evaluation procedures, in particular as timely feedback to the lecturers regarding the quality of their course as perceived by the students.

Graduate survey

Every three years, we survey all graduates of the model study programme about their professional situation in the transition from study to work. Based on their assessment of the study conditions and their experiences in the transition from university to work or to further studies, we would like to determine what demands must be made on the development of medical education and how we can improve the teaching and learning conditions at Oldenburg University. We conduct our graduate survey in cooperation with the Medical Faculty Association, using the same questionnaire at different medical locations in Germany.

Are you a graduate and have not yet received an email about the alumni survey via the Alumni Network? Then please write to register with the Alumni Network!

You can view the questionnaire (coming soon) and the privacy policy here in advance.

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