Climate Protection and Sustainability

Sustainability issues and commitment have a long tradition in teaching, research and administration at Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg.

In terms of sustainability and climate protection, the university is active in a wide variety of ways and consciously assumes its role model function for the region and society.

Whether in administration by switching to renewable energies or providing bicycle parking spaces, or in the context of research projects as well as teaching - the topic of climate protection and sustainability is deeply rooted throughout the university. There are also a large number of sustainability initiatives at the student level.


Integrated Climate Protection Concept

As part of a funding project of the National Climate Protection Initiative, the university has been in the process of drawing up an integrated climate protection concept for the university since June 2021.

In the process, the university is striving to achieve climate neutrality.


Sustainability Reporting

The University of Oldenburg was one of the first German universities to set out on this path and published a sustainability report back in 2007. It has now produced its third report, which provides information about the university's ecological, economic and social achievements. It focuses on the university-specific implementation at the University of Oldenburg.


Sustainability in Study and Teaching

The university's responsibility includes recognising the effects of its actions on the environment, society and the economy and incorporating the topic of sustainable development into its teaching. In doing so, Carl von Ossietzky University emphatically focuses on an interdisciplinary approach to sustainability issues as well as on the transfer of knowledge between business and science.


Sustainability Research

Since its foundation in 1973, Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg has been committed to a comprehensive understanding of environmental and society-related research. It can now look back on almost fifty years of problem-oriented and interdisciplinary research. Environment and sustainability is thus one of the university's profile-forming research fields.


Energy Management

The areas of energy and energy management are among the most important fields of action for achieving sustainable development and climate protection. With the aim of continuously and sustainably reducing energy consumption, the University of Oldenburg implements various energy-saving projects and energy-related renovations every year.


Internationalisation and Sustainability

Self-commitment to refrain from short-haul flights.

Even if short-haul flights do not make up the majority of business trips at the university, doing without such flights is a good first step towards making a significant contribution to climate protection in this area.


Student initiatives

Student engagement plays a crucial role at the University of Oldenburg and sustainability and climate protection initiatives and projects in particular are often initiated and co-designed by students. In this context, the topic area is addressed within university committees as well as by voluntary initiatives and groups.


(Changed: 2021-12-01)