Prof. Dr. Volker Hohmann
Coordinator of CRC 1330

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This project is funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) – Project-ID 352015383 – SFB 1330.

Section A - Principles

Section A - Principles

Section A deals with the basics of speech perception. It comprises several sub-projects, ranging from speech intelligibility and speech perception in complex situations to diagnosis and hearing aid fitting.

Project A1 - Assessment and modelling of human speech intelligibility and listening effort

In many situations human speech communication is considerably affected due to hearing impairment and interfering sounds. This project will assess speech intelligibility and listening effort and will compare the perceptual data to model predictions for evaluating sound presentation and speech enhancement methods developed in the CRC.

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Project A2 - Auditory-object-based perception modelling for complex scenes

In complex realistic auditory scenes it can be expected that listeners are only able to sub-optimally extract and compare information of multiple sound sources depending on factors like duration, spectral content, spatial position, and reverberation. This project aims at developing a generalized model for auditory perception and quality in complex scenes taking into account a perceptual decomposition of the scene into auditory objects.

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Project A4 - Pinning down the mismatch between acoustics and perception

This project aims at understanding and controlling the key factors in acoustic stimulation and simulation techniques relevant for naturally sounding presentation to humans in a way that avoids any mismatch be-tween the intended and the psychoacoustically determined impression of sound quality, loudness, and other attributes.

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Project A5 - Model-based diagnostics and hearing aid fitting in complex acoustic scenarios

The long-term goal of this project is to establish a model-based theory-driven framework for internationally compatible hearing diagnostics and rehabilitation in real life-matched scenarios. In order to close the gap between the laboratory and real life conditions this project will focus on the extension of patient performance measurements by including audio and audio-visual measurements in acoustically complex scenes simulating dynamic real life scenarios.

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Project A6 - Modeling musical instrument identification under realistic acoustical conditions

Music is a form of acoustical communication that often features highly complex acoustic scenes with sounds from multiple musical instruments or voices that superimpose in time and frequency. The goal of this project is to test and model the perception of musical scenes under realistic acoustical conditions.

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Finished projects

Project A3 - Comprehensive simulation framework for modelling complex auditory discrimination experiments

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