Prof - Prüfstand


At the end of every semester we are evaluating the mandatory courses in the field of physics. The results are presented on the "Ringebene" in Wechloy after the evaluation. It is very helpful for the students to inform themselves about the quality of teaching and also provides an important feedback for the lecturers to improve their lectures with help of the given criticism. In addition to the mandatory courses, we are evaluating other lectures in physics, if a student or a lecturer asks us to. Tell us if you think your lecturer deserves positive feedback or should get constructive criticism.

We are also comparing the lecturers and putting them into a ranking, the best lecture is rewarded with our champion's bowl and a self-made cake.

Every department is obligated to evaluate their courses, but the process of the official evaluation is problematic since many years, so that we made our own evaluation. We are constantly trying to improve the official evaluation, but since our voices are not heard, we have to continue doing it our own way.

Nevertheless we want to ask you to participate in the official evaluation as well, so that it improves and makes our evaluation unnecessary.

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