Kikan Nelle & Paul Boxheimer

Institute Council (Institutsrat):

Aitana Gea Neuhaus (MuWi), Kikan Nelle (UmMo)

Student boards (Studiengremien):

MuWi: Jessica Klingelhöfer, Jonas Healy

UmMo: Lukas Wolter, Arne Görlitz, Kikan Nelle

MiBi: Annika Malcholett

MarSens: Likas Raffelt

Admissions Committee (Zulassungsausschuss):

MuWi: Jessica Klingelhöfer,  Jonas Healy 

UmMo: Lukas Wolter

MiBi: Annika Macholett

MarSens: Lukas Raffelt

Overarching student board (Übergeordnetes Studiengremium):

Lukas Wolter (UmMo)


Mailing list: Lukas Wolter

Webpage: Yana Markova

Academic Comission Faculty V (Studienkommission):

Jonas Healy (MuWi), Yana Markova (MuWi)

About the student council

The current student council for WiSe21/22 and SoSe22

We are the place to go to if you have questions about your studies. We function as a link between students, professors and university administration and we represent your interests on several committees and boards.

Do not hesitate to contact us in case of questions, problems or suggestions for improvement.




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