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Practical assistance and services


There are work spaces in the library specifically designed for disabled access.


Assistance for hearing-impaired and deaf students (Hörsensible Uni)

The project 'Hörsensible Uni' was launched in January 2006 to improve the information available for hearing-impaired and deaf students and prospective students. The project started as a collaboration between the Institute for Special Education Needs, Prevention and Rehabilitation and the Student Service Organisation (Studentenwerk). There are now regular meetings between the disability council of the AStA, hearing-impaired and deaf students, students from the special education needs degree programme and teachers and advisors of hearing-impaired and deaf individuals. Interested parties are welcome to attend these meetings.

Hörsensible Uni

Hearing office (Clearingstelle "Hören")

The hearing office of the 'Hörsensible Uni' working group is part of the rehabilitation centre and offers information, support, networking and research for students, members of the University, teachers, school pupils and their families who require excellent acoustic conditions to hear.

Clearingstelle "Hören"


Disabled access parking is available at Campus Haarentor and Campus Wechloy and these are marked on the campus maps. Some disabled parking spaces have security barriers. Chip cards to open these barriers are available to students with restricted mobility. There is also information on using public transport with disabilities, assisted transport services and disabled access parking in the city of Oldenburg.

Disabled access information


The swimming pool and sauna offer disabled access and disability aids are available (for example shower wheelchairs and loungers). If your disability pass is marked with a 'B', accompanying persons may be admitted without charge.

University pool



The Studentenwerk offers disabled access to the restaurant and cafeterias at the University of Oldenburg.

Service of the canteens and cafeterias

Information on weekend events

At times the electronic door openers are deactivated, which affects events held at weekends or outside lecture periods. This poses an avoidable hindrance to students and guests with restricted mobility. Therefore, it is important that teaching staff ask the maintenance supervisor to activate the electronic door opener. However, students are also requested to inform teaching staff of their access requirements. If possible, students should inform teaching staff several days beforehand so that they have time to make arrangements.

Teaching staff can also request rooms or room changes with specific access requirements via Facilities Management. For example, it may be necessary to book a room on the ground floor which is close to entrances and exits. This enables easy access for all without the need for additional assistance and ensures that anybody with restricted mobility can leave quickly and independently in the event of an emergency. 


In the accommodation provided by the Studentenwerk, there are several accessible and level-floor apartments available. The disability advice service also has a list of further accessible accommodation in Oldenburg and a directory of contacts for further assistance.

Barrierefreier Wohnraum

Access to the University

The University provides information on accessing the University by car and public transport. On the maps of Campus Haarentor and Campus Wechloy you will find access options for wheelchairs and the locations of lifts.

Access to the University

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