Further Counselling

Clearingstelle Hören

Hearing loss

Mareike Grundmann


Homepage: uol.de/clearingstelle-hoeren

Appointment on request

Disability Officer of the Oldenburg Student Union

One focus of the counselling is the financial compensation for disadvantages, e.g. BAföG, scholarships, tuition fees and long-term tuition fees as well as child benefit. In addition, the counsellor helps with questions about the special features of unemployment benefit II, social welfare, integration assistance, health and long-term care insurance and pension benefits. In addition, there are other compensations for disadvantages in studying, in the library, for studying abroad and for foreign students, as well as teacher training and trainee teachers.

Telephone: 0441-789-2797

Fax: 0441-789-2302



AStA (General Students' Committee)

Phone: +49 (441)/798-2573

Fax: +49 (441)/798-3164


Social counselling at the Studentenwerk

The Studentenwerk Oldenburg offers students the possibility of social legal services that are needed during their studies, a contact point.

Telephone: 0441-798-2706

Fax: 0441-798-2302



Student finance counselling at the Studentenwerk

This is about financial issues during your studies, such as the question: How do I manage my everyday finances during my studies (such as loans from banks and savings banks, etc.)?

Telephone: 0441-789-2664

Fax: 0441-789-2302



Psychological Counselling Service (PBS)

Room A12 3-310, in the Student Service Centre

Tel: 0441/798-4400

E-mail: pbs@sw-ol.de

Homepage: www.studentenwerk-oldenburg.de/de/beratung/psychologischer-beratungsservice/pbs-oldenburg

Disability Commissary

Counselling at the ZSKB

For disabled and chronically ill students and prospective students, the Central Student and Career Counselling Service offers counselling on the choice of degree programme, admission requirements and applications, as well as on study planning.

Christa Funke

Tel: 0441/798-2728 to make an appointment


Homepage: uol.de/zskb

Academic Examination Office

Phone: 0441- 798 - 2728

E-mail: studium@uol.de

Homepage: uol.de/pruefungsamt

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