Disordered magnetic systems

We are studying magnetic systems, like spin glasses and random field systems, for temperatures close to zero. The behavior of these systems is very complex and still there are many open questions.

This complexity is due to the interactions which generate contradicting conditions. It is impossible to fulfill all conditions at the same time, one says, the system is "frustrated".


Using optimization algorithms one can minimize the number of broken conditions, i.e. one calculates the ground states of the systems. For some problems very fast algorithms are available already. In this field, we are concentrating on the development of new models and better measurable quantities. The most interesting ground state problems belong to the class of NP-hard problems. Here we are concentrating on the development of faster algorithms. Having new algorithms available, we can study larger systems which leads to a better understanding of their physical behavior. Parallel computer
Parallel computer used by our group at the Paderborn Center for Parallel Computing.

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