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Meike Burke

Regina Knippenberg

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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Astrid Niesse 

A05 2-226

+49 (0) 441 - 798 2750

+49 (0) 441 - 798 2756



Prof. Dr. Astrid Niesse


The research focus of Astrid Nieße is the application of computer science methods to problems in multimodal energy systems. The methodological focus of her research group is on the application of distributed artificial intelligence methods in this context, such as agent-based control of distributed energy systems for the - partly market-based - provision of system services, agent-based simulation, flexibility modeling, data analysis methods, and the analysis of the resilience of distributed energy systems.



Astrid Nieße and the scientific staff in the group Digitalized Energy Systems offer courses in Bachelor and Master in Computer Science and Business Informatics as well as Computer Science courses for other study programs. 
Thematically, in addition to aspects of distributed algorithms, nature-inspired methods and agent-based systems, courses are also offered in the area of environmental informatics.


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