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M.A. English Studies

M.A. English Studies

Aims and Qualifications

The Department of English and American Studies offers a two-year programme of study, M.A. English Studies, after which students will graduate with the degree Master of Arts (M.A.). This programme marks the second step of the triadic study path outlined above, following consecutively upon the B.A. Anglistik. Upon completion of the M.A. English Studies, students qualify for a wide range of future professions and careers, both inside and outside the academic world.

The M.A. English Studies enables students to discover and pursue their own research priorities and thus promises maximum academic freedom. It offers them the opportunity to study the Anglophone world in its entirety or to specialise in personal fields of interest.

  • Please note that the programme allows great freedom of choice, not only from modules taught in the English department but also from faculty modules and can be studied entirely in English.

    For further information, please, contact:
    Student Advisory Service or
    Prof. Dr. Anton Kirchhofer
  • Please be aware that a Master of Arts (M.A.) does not qualify you for a teaching position at state schools.


Students aiming at this degree will have to obtain a total of 120 KP during their Master programme:

Anglistik 60 KP
Fakultätsbereich (Faculty Module) 15 KP
Professionalisierungsbereich (Applied Studies) 15 KP
Master Thesis Module (MAM) 30 KP
Total 120 KP

In order to obtain your 60 KP in English Studies you will have to complete the following modules:

ang933, ang953, ang963, ang973, ang983, ang993
(choose four from at least two different modules)
48 KP
ang900: English Skills for Proficiency (mandatory) 6 KP
ang902: Modul zur individuellen Profilbildung 6 KP
Total 60 KP


Master Modules:

ang933: Language and Society 12 KP
ang953: Linguistics and Cognition 12 KP
ang963: General Linguistics: Formal and Functional Linguistics 12 KP
ang973: Culture and Difference 12 KP
ang983: The Canon and Its Margins 12 KP
ang993: Media and Their Markets 12 KP
ang900: English Skills for Proficiency (mandatory) 6 KP
ang902: Modul zur individuellen Profilbildung 6 KP

Fakultätsbereich (Faculty Module):

ipb9xx: Fakultätsbereich (vgl. Anlage 14; see Appendix 14)                    15 KP


Professionalisierungsbereich (Applied Studies):

ipb6xx (vgl. Anlage 15; see Appendix 15)                                              15 KP


Master Thesis Module (MAM):

M.A. Thesis 24 KP
Colloquium/ Directed Studies 3 KP
Oral Exam 3 KP


  • B.A. in Anglistik

Knowledge of Foreign Languages

  • M.A. students will have to certify knowledge of one foreign language (apart from English) before registering for their Master thesis.

Stay Abroad

  • It is strongly recommended that M.A. students complete a (minimum) three-month stay abroad relevant to their studies before registering for their M.A. thesis.
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