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M.Ed. Gymnasium

M.Ed. Gymnasium

Aims and Qualifications

The Department of English and American Studies offers a two-year programme of study, M.Ed. Gymnasium, after which students will graduate with the degree Master of Education (M.Ed.). This programme marks the second step of the triadic study path outlined above, following consecutively upon the B.A. Anglistik. Upon completion of the M.Ed. Gymnasium, students qualify for the Referendariat and, subsequently, for a teaching position in state schools (Gymnasium).



Students aiming at this degree will have to obtain a total of 120 KP during their Master programme:

Anglistik30 KP
Other Subject30 KP
Bildungswissenschaften18 KP
Praxismodul15 KP
Master Thesis Module (MAM) [in English or in your other subject] 27 KP
Total120 KP

In order to obtain your 30 KP in Anglistik you will have to complete the following modules:

ang932, ang952, ang962, ang972, ang982, ang992
(choose two from the above)
18 KP
ang701: English Language Teaching (mandatory)6 KP
ang900: English Skills for Proficiency (mandatory)6 KP
Total30 KP



Master Modules:

ang932: Language and Society9 KP
ang701: English Language Teaching6 KP
ang953: Linguistics and Cognition9 KP
ang963: General Linguistics: Formal and Functional Linguistics9 KP
ang973: Culture and Difference9 KP
ang983: The Canon and Its Margins9 KP
ang993: Media and Their Markets9 KP
ang900: English Skills for Proficiency6 KP

Master Thesis Module:

M.Ed. Thesis      24 KP
Colloquium/ Directed Studies                                          3 KP


  • B.A. in Anglistik

Knowledge of Foreign Languages

  • M.Ed.Gym. students will have to certify knowledge of one foreign language (apart from English) before registering for their Master thesis.

Stay Abroad

  • MEd Gym. students must complete and submit proof of a relevant three-month (twelve-week) stay abroad undertaken during their university studies by the time they register to submit their master’s thesis.
(Changed: 2021-11-11)