Stay Abroad News and Forthcoming Events

Stay Abroad News and Forthcoming Events

Compulsory stay abroad and Coronavirus / Covid-19

Updated 16.08.2021

Dear Students,

There remains - understandably - a lot of confusion surrounding the virus and what this means for students working or studying abroad who had to interrupt their stay, or for those who were planning to go abroad in the near future and can no longer do so.

We envisage that students will not be disadvantaged due to this unprecedented situation. Individual cases will need to be discussed based on a student's specific situation, but in line with university policy, we will do our best to find appropriate solutions!

Please keep the following advice in mind:

  • For the latest Coronavirus information from the university, please see the official site here.
  • Note that the federal government is still warning against most non-essential travel. (See here for further information.) As a result, you may want to rethink your plans if you are due to depart soon, especially as many destinations are Risikogebiete with travel restrictions both in terms of departing and returning to Germany.
    • If you do go or remain abroad for whatever reason, you are strongly advised to register yourself with the local German embassy and to follow their instructions as well as the government regulations wherever you are. (Be aware that any travel insurance may not be valid under the circumstances.)
  • You do not need to ask for permission to leave your internship, job, or semester abroad if you do not feel safe- just make sure you let your overseas university, school or employer know, and make sure someone knows where you are!

- - -

(A) How to proceed if you've had to cancel your plans

For jobs/internships:

  • if possible, ask your employer for documentation over the period of time you were able to complete before returning home.
  • if you are cancelling or postponing a stay abroad that was due to start later this year, please do so directly rather than simply not show up, even if the reason for your absence is obvious. You want to leave a good impression!
    • Please keep any documents (eg. e-mail correspondence, learning agreements, unused plane tickets) that relate to your planned stay - we are in discussions over how to deal with cancelled internships, but we'll need confirmation that you had a concrete offer and not just vague plans.
  • Consider asking if you can complete the planned work experience online. The department would still recognise this for the compulsory stay abroad!

For study abroad:

  • if you were planning and your university offers the opportunity to complete your studies online, do take advantage of this! If you couldn't complete all the course requirements before the semester was interrupted, please keep any documentation you have (course outlines, reading lists) as well as all the work you submitted. 
  • if your semester is due to start in autumn 2021 or early in 2022 please check your e-mail regularly for information as the scheduled start date approaches. Pease note the following advice from the International Office:
    • Das International Office steht in engem Kontakt mit den weltweiten Partneruniversitäten, um möglichst aktuelle Informationen für Studierende und ihre Auslandsvorhaben bereitzuhalten. Da wir aufgrund der Corona-Krise täglich neue Informationen erhalten, sollten Studierende, die [demnächst] einen Auslandsaufenthalt planen, regelmäßig ihren Uni-E-Mail-Account prüfen und die Webseiten des International Office besuchen.
    • Parallel stehen die jeweiligen Ansprechpartner*innen (Erasmus+/Europa: Andreas Männle | Nord- und Südamerika: Ann-Kristin Schuling | Afrika, Asien, Ozeanien & Russland: Roman Behrens) für Rückfragen per E-Mail unter zur Verfügung.
  • If you decide not to go abroad, and  the overseas universities offers the chance for you to complete a full semester online from home, feel free to take advantage of this - it will still count as the stay abroad!

(B) How to meet the stay abroad requirements in order to finish your degress

Please see the information in the FAQ below - "COVID-19/Coronavirus and the compulsory stay abroad - temporary regulations for Oldenburg students" - for the current emergency criteria.

We are doing our best to find a way to help students at all stages of their studies. This may involve giving credit for a previous stay abroad, or coming up with a virtual alternative, or allowing students to go abroad after they have submitted their MEd thesis if that would help.  Information about these alternative options can be found via the Stud.IP course listed below - please sign up their and post your questions via the forum instead of e-mail if at all possible.

  • There will be open office hours via this course at various times - keep an eye on the Anglistik listserver for the details.

Take care, and stay safe!

NEW: COVID-19/Coronavirus and the compulsory stay abroad (15.02.21)

Temporary regulations for all current students

Updated 15th February 2021

For students who are approaching the end of their Master of Education studies and have had their plans for completing the compulsory stay abroad interrupted by the Coronavirus pandemic, the English department arranged with the Prüfungsamt to temporarily adapt the stay abroad criteria for SoSe20. The goal was to ensure that students were able to complete their studies as with as little disruption as possible.

Given the way the situation with COVD-19 has developed, we have now extended these alternative arrangements to cover all current students. These alternatives are only available to current students and are discussed in detail on Stud.IP rather than on this website. However, some general information is available below.

- -

The temporary 'Covid' criteria for the stay abroad can be downloaded here

These new regulations allow for various options to enable students to complete the studies in good time. For example:

  • Masters students who have had to cancel or postpone their plans to go abroad later in 2020-2021, or who had to interrupt a stay abroad that was already in progress, now have more time to meet the requirements. It is now possible to go abroad AFTER registering or even submitting your thesis. (The stay abroad previously had to be completed "bis zur Anmeldung der Masterarbeit".)
  • Students can receive credit on a case by case basis for stays abroad that:
    • are shorter than twelve weeks in total. (The extent to which shorter stays are OK can only ever be determined on an individual basis, but it is extremely unlikely that two weeks can substitute for twelve!)
    • consist of two or more shorter periods, making up [approximately] twelve weeks in total. eg. 2 x 6 weeks; 3 x 4 weeks. Partially-completed stays from the period January-March 2020 will count towards the total in full.
    • are a combination of time spent abroad and an equivalent period of work experience in Germany or a neighbouring non-English speaking country. Eg. Five weeks internship in Ireland, seven weeks internship in an English-language school in Hamburg/Groningen etc. Again, partially-completed stays during the pandemic will count towards the total in full.
    • were completed before commencing a degree in Oldenburg, either in full or in combination with a shorter period outside or within Germany.. This can include study or work in English outside English speaking countries as well.
    • are completed entirely online.

NOTE: Students who qualify for special consideration under the regular criteria (due to health issues or family/caring responsibilities) will continue to do so, but may also benefit from the extra time available to complete a local alternative to the stay abroad.

All requests for credit under these emergency regulations will be decided on an individual basis.

  The detailed criteria for special consideration and Ersatzleistungen for current students can only be found in the Stud.IP course 3.02.086 - Organisation and Supervision of Compulsory Stay Abroad [Anglistik/Amerikanistik]. Please sign up there for further information.


Erasmus+ Applications, 2021-22

Application Period 21.01.2021 - 24.02.2021

The application period for Erasmus+ exchanges to Britain, Ireland and partner universities in Switzerland and Finland runs from January 21st until February 24th 2021. Application materials are available HERE, and the criteria and further information can be viewed here and here.

Please follow the instructions carefully - you must apply using the departmental form as well as via the ISO online platform!

Applications this year can ONLY be submitted via the Stud.IP course 3.02.086 - Organisation and Supervision of Compulsory Stay Abroad [Anglistik/Amerikanistik].

  • Please join the course if you have not already done so for the most up-to-date information, a place to ask questions, and of course, to upload your application materials!

Further notes

(1) Do be aware that while the places at British universities are guaranteed, eligibility for and the extent of the grant for living expensives cannot be confirmed at this stage due to the post Brexit negotiations.

(2) For the duration of the Corona travel restrictions, you will also receive credit for the compulsory stay abroad if you study in English at a university in a non-English-speaking country!

(3) While the places will be awarded as usual, your ability to travel will obviously depend on the pandemic situation closer to the date of departure - we'll just have to wait and see.

Getting credit for your stay abroad - current information (January 2021)

Last updated 21.01.2020

Reminder: all credit transfer (Anrechnung von im Ausland erbrachten Studienleistungen und Auslandsaufenthalten) enquiries are only being processed via the Stud.IP course 3.02.086 Organisation and Supervision of Compulsory Stay Abroad [Anglistik/Amerikanistik] for the duration on the pandemic-related university "Notbetrieb". Please join the course to find out more and to get credit for your stay abroad or Ersatzleistung.

The last credit transfer slot took place on Monday, 17th February, from 13:00-15:00 Uhr in A6-2-212. Another is not currently scheduled due to the Coronavirus pandemic - all credit transfer applications are being processed online only.

See the main credit transfer page for further information.

Opportunities to teach English or German as a Teaching Assistant at schools abroad

The following portal may be of interest to students looking for internships at schools abroad:

 Note that many of the opportunities involve teaching English (or German) in non-English speaking countries such as Spain or China – these will obviously not count towards the compulsory stay abroad, but could be an interesting way to extend your teaching experience.

 There are also some jobs available in countries with English as the official language, such as Ghana or India – read through the different advertisements ( carefully!

Please direct any further enquiries to the website (

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