Stay Abroad News and Forthcoming Events

Stay Abroad News and Forthcoming Events

Bis zum 11. Oktober auf das PROMOS-Stipendium für Auslandsaufenthalte bewerben!

Liebe Studierende,

die neue PROMOS-Ausschreibung ist gestartet!

Planen Sie im Jahr 2023 einen Auslandsaufenthalt in Form eines Studienaufenthaltes, eines Praktikums, eines Fach- oder Sprachkurses? Dann bewerben Sie sich bis zum 11. Oktober 2022 auf das PROMOS-Stipendium!

Alle Infos zum Programm und der Bewerbung finden Sie unter:

Eine PROMOS-Bewerbung für Auslandsaufenthalte innerhalb Europas ist nur dann möglich, wenn der Aufenthalt nicht über Erasmus+ gefördert wird.

Im Frühjahr 2023 wird es eine zweite PROMOS-Ausschreibung für Auslandsaufenthalte in 2023 geben.

Herzliche Grüße aus dem International Office
Ann-Kristin Schuling

Getting credit for your stay abroad - current information (September 2022)

Last updated 02.09.2022

Reminder: all credit transfer (Anrechnung von im Ausland erbrachten Studienleistungen und Auslandsaufenthalten) enquiries are only being processed via the Stud.IP course 3.02.086 Organisation and Supervision of Compulsory Stay Abroad [Anglistik/Amerikanistik]. Please join the course to find out more and to get credit for your stay abroad or Ersatzleistung.

The previous in-person credit transfer slot took place on Monday, 17th February 2020, from 13:00-15:00 Uhr in A6-2-212. We hope to (finally!) be able to schedule another in-person slot for April 2023, but for the moment, all credit transfer applications are only being processed online.

See the main credit transfer page for further information.

NEW: COVID-19/Coronavirus and the compulsory stay abroad (15.02.21)

Temporary regulations for all current students

Updated 15th February 2021

For students who are approaching the end of their Master of Education studies and have had their plans for completing the compulsory stay abroad interrupted by the Coronavirus pandemic, the English department arranged with the Prüfungsamt to temporarily adapt the stay abroad criteria for SoSe20. The goal was to ensure that students were able to complete their studies as with as little disruption as possible.

Given the way the situation with COVD-19 has developed, we have now extended these alternative arrangements to cover all current students. These alternatives are only available to current students and are discussed in detail on Stud.IP rather than on this website. However, some general information is available below.

- -

The temporary 'Covid' criteria for the stay abroad can be downloaded here

These new regulations allow for various options to enable students to complete the studies in good time. For example:

  • Masters students who have had to cancel or postpone their plans to go abroad later in 2020-2021, or who had to interrupt a stay abroad that was already in progress, now have more time to meet the requirements. It is now possible to go abroad AFTER registering or even submitting your thesis. (The stay abroad previously had to be completed "bis zur Anmeldung der Masterarbeit".)
  • Students can receive credit on a case by case basis for stays abroad that:
    • are shorter than twelve weeks in total. (The extent to which shorter stays are OK can only ever be determined on an individual basis, but it is extremely unlikely that two weeks can substitute for twelve!)
    • consist of two or more shorter periods, making up [approximately] twelve weeks in total. eg. 2 x 6 weeks; 3 x 4 weeks. Partially-completed stays from the period January-March 2020 will count towards the total in full.
    • are a combination of time spent abroad and an equivalent period of work experience in Germany or a neighbouring non-English speaking country. Eg. Five weeks internship in Ireland, seven weeks internship in an English-language school in Hamburg/Groningen etc. Again, partially-completed stays during the pandemic will count towards the total in full.
    • were completed before commencing a degree in Oldenburg, either in full or in combination with a shorter period outside or within Germany.. This can include study or work in English outside English speaking countries as well.
    • are completed entirely online.

NOTE: Students who qualify for special consideration under the regular criteria (due to health issues or family/caring responsibilities) will continue to do so, but may also benefit from the extra time available to complete a local alternative to the stay abroad.

All requests for credit under these emergency regulations will be decided on an individual basis.

  The detailed criteria for special consideration and Ersatzleistungen for current students can only be found in the Stud.IP course 3.02.086 - Organisation and Supervision of Compulsory Stay Abroad [Anglistik/Amerikanistik]. Please sign up there for further information.


Opportunities to teach English or German as a Teaching Assistant at schools abroad

The following portal may be of interest to students looking for internships at schools abroad:

 Note that many of the opportunities involve teaching English (or German) in non-English speaking countries such as Spain or China – these will obviously not count towards the compulsory stay abroad, but could be an interesting way to extend your teaching experience.

 There are also some jobs available in countries with English as the official language, such as Ghana or India – read through the different advertisements ( carefully!

Please direct any further enquiries to the website (

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