Rome, 12.-18.07.2015

MG14 parallel session

Black Holes in Higher Dimensions
(Black Rings and Black Strings)

July 14, BH8
July 16, BH7



Prof. Dr. Jutta Kunz 

Institute of Physics
University of Oldenburg
26111 Oldenburg


Description of the session

The focus of this session will be the presentation of various types of higher dimensional black hole solutions and the discussion of their properties, including stability, thermodynamics and geodesics.

Time and Place

The session will take place on Tuesday, July 14 (BH8), Thursday, July 16 (BH7)


Tuesday, July 14, BH8

Dadhich, Naresh A discerning gravitational property for graviatationsl equation ih higher dimensionns
Proceedings contribution
Delsate, Terence Geodesics of the AdS Myers Perry black hole with equal angular momenta
Blazquez Salcedo, Jose Luis Charged and rotating black holes in 5D Einstein-Maxwell-Chern-Simons theory
Kubiznak, David Super-Entropic Black Holes
Ortaggio, Marcello Static and radiating p-form black holes in the higher dimensional Robinson-Trautman class
Proceedings contribution
Nedkova, Petya Rotating Distorted Black Holes in Higher Dimensions
Proceedings contribution
Radu, Eugen Black ringoids: new higher dimensional black objects with non-spherical horizon 
Proceedings contribution
Kalisch, Michael Highly Deformed Non-uniform Black Strings
Proceedings contribution
Navarro-Lerida, Francisco Properties of Rotating Einstein-Maxwell-Dilaton Black Holes in Odd Dimensions
Proceedings contribution
Armas, Jay New Geometries for Black Hole Horizons: a review of the Blackfold Approach
Proceedings contribution


Thursday, July 16, BH7

Lyuitkov, Maxim Hair of astrophysical black holes
Olivia, Julio Black Strings in Gauss-Bonnet Theory are Unstable
Proceedings contribution
Frassino, Antonia Micol Lovelock Black Hole Thermodynamics
Astorino, Marco Stationary axisymmetric Spacetimes with a Conformally Coupled Scalar Field
Ponglertsakul, Supakchai Black Hole Solutions in Einstein-Charged Scalar Field Theory
Proceedings contribution
Bicak, Jiri Odd-parity Perturbations of Hairy Black Holes and Slowly Rotating Solutions
de Oliveira, Ednilton S. Greybody factors of rotating cohomogeneity-1 black holes
Proceedings contribution
Loureiro Benone, Carolina Kerr-Newman scalar clouds
Kubiznak, David Higgs hair of a rotating black hole
Proceedings contribution
Pons, Josep M Static pure Lovelock black hole solutions with horizon topology S(n) x S(n)
Proceedings contribution
Anabalon, Andres Hairy Black Hole Stability, Quantum Mechanics on the Half-Line and Holography
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