Marine Isotope Geochemistry



Dr. Katharina Pahnke-May

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Marine Isotope Geochemistry

Marine Isotope Geochemistry

Marine Isotope Geochemistry

The research of the research group for Marine Isotope Geochemistry  is focused on the understanding of past and present processes and changes in the ocean and the climate system. In particular, we are interested in trace elements and their isotopes in the ocean and their role as tracers of present and past element input and fluxes, geochemical processes, internal cycling, and as tracers of past ocean circulation changes. Our current projects include the use of rare earth element (REE) concentrations and isotope ratios of Nd, Sr, Pb, Si, and Fe in seawater, suspended particles, porewaters, and marine sediments, including biogenic archives of past ocean conditions and lithogenic material deposited on the seafloor.


February 2021: Dr. Anja Reckhardt joins the group with her own DFG-funded position in the framework of the DFG research unit DynaDeep

January 2021: Dr. Bianca Liguori and Dr. Corinna Mori join the group as postdocs with University of Oldenburg funding

December 2020: Congratulations to Dr. Ronja Paffrath on her successful PhD defence!

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June 2020: Dr. Jack Longman joins the group and the Marine-chemical Analytics (MCA) facility of the ICBM from Oxford University

Article about the research of the group in the EINBLICKE magazine of the University of Oldenburg

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