Benthic Microbiology


Prof. Dr. Martin Könneke


Institute for Chemistry and Biology of the Marine Environment  (» Postal address)

W 15-1-118 (» Adress and map )

Wednesday 11-12:00

+49 441 798-5360  (F&P

Benthic Microbiology

Welcome to the new Benthic Microbiology Group

The new Benthic Microbiology Group started at 1. June 2021 and has replaced the Palaeomicrobiology Group at the ICBM.

We are currently working on the content and presentation of the new group website.

Ecology of microorganisms in Wadden Sea and beach sediments

Cultivation of yet uncultivated marine microorganisms

Physiology and biogeochemical importance of Archaea in the oceans

Microbiology of the marine deep biosphere

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