Mathematical Modelling


Prof. Dr. Bernd Blasius



University of Oldenburg, Campus Wechloy
Room: W15 2-237
Carl-von-Ossietzky-Straße 9-11
D-26111 Oldenburg

Mathematical Modelling

Mathematical Modelling


Publication in PNAS „Ryabov et al (2022) Estimation of functional diversity and species traits from ecological monitoring data

Our publication "Jamieson-Lane & Blasius (2022) The gossip paradox: Why do bacteria share genes?" has been recommended by Donald DeAngelis in Faculty Opinions as being of special significance in its field

Main Research

The interdisciplinary research group aims at a theoretical description and mathematical modeling of complex natural systems at the interface of theoretical biology, ecology, biogeochemistry, and applied mathematics. The research is focused around theoretical investigations of complex living systems  with the aim to obtain fundamental insights into their organization but also is concerned with the translation of these concepts into concrete biological systems and tangible applications.  Main working methods are numerical simulation, data analysis, and modern tools from non-linear dynamics and statistical physics.

Research Interests:

  • integrative ecosystem models (e.g. tidal flat models)
  • bioinvasion and epidemic spread in complex networks
  • stability and dynamics of ecological communities models of species richness and biodiversity
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