About ICBM

ICBM - Institute for Chemistry and Biology of the Marine Environment

The ICBM is a multidisciplinary institute of the University of Oldenburg and the only university-based marine research institute in the state of Lower Saxony (Germany). It comprises 16 working groups (including two Max Planck research groups) in the fields of ‘Geochemistry & Analytics’, ‘Geobiology & Ecology’, and ‘Physics and Modelling’.
ICBM groups are located in Oldenburg (Campus Wechloy) and in Wilhelmshaven. The institute is shareholder of a field study center situated at the Wittbülten environmental center on the island of Spiekeroog (inaugurated in 2011).


Coastal regions, estuaries and shelf seas are in the focus of research at ICBM. An outstanding project was the DFG research group on 'Biogeochemistry of tidal flats’ (2001-2009) that has investigated the back-barrier area of Spiekeroog island in the German Wadden Sea. In 2012, the project received the North German Science Award for its excellent research and effective and lasting cooperation.
Other major joint programmes are the „Baseline Study Jadebusen“ (completed 2012) and the DFG-funded Collaborative Research Center Transregio TRR51 „Roseobacter“ (since 2010). ICBM groups are involved in other major research projects, a.o. Bioacid II, Jena experiment, COSYNA, IMCOAST, IODP, and WIMO.

Studying at ICBM

The university of Oldenburg offers a 3-year Bachelor degree programme in 'Environmental Sciences'. After introduction into fundamentals of natural sciences, students can set priorities in the several fields of environmental natural sciences (a.o. analytics, modelling, microbiology), ecology (both marine and terrestrial), and planning. Teaching is done by staff of ICBM and the Institute for Biology and Environmental Sciences.

ICBM is running 2-year Master degree programmes in 'Marine Environmental Sciences', 'Environmental Modelling', and 'Microbiology' (in English). Further, it contributes to teaching in MSc study courses 'Water and Coastal Management' and 'Sustainability Economics and Management' (both in English language).

Doctorate students can enroll for the PhD programme 'Environmental Sciences and Biodiversity' of Oldenburg’s Graduate School 'Science and Technology'.

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