Former Summer Schools/Feedback

Former Summer Schools/Feedback

ICBM Summer School 2011

Participants of the Summer school 2011 (from left to right): Adrien Vigneron (France),
Griselda Rodriguez Figueroa (Mexico),
Gerald Herrling (Germany),
Nolwenn Callac (France),
Mathias Hilbich (Germany),
Petra Pjevac (Croatia),
Tanja Röper (Germany),
Zhen Li (China),
Jessica Gier (Germany).

ICBM Summer School 2010

Twelve young scientists from Italy, Zimbabwe, Bangladesh, Netherlands and Germany took part in the first ICBM Summer School in August 2010. “The internationality of the summer school and the high commitment of the participants make clear how important the tidal flats are for the ecological relationships on the coasts worldwide”, said Professor Dr. Jürgen Rullkötter, head of the ICBM, when closing the 2010 summer school. He was glad that the summer school at the ICBM contributed through its work to the communication of the scientific discoveries in this unique ecosystem.

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“The ICBM Summer School offered me a very intensive training on approaching such a complex environment like a tidal coastal system... it’s cool to see how much scientific information could be gathered from the same 10 cm3 of water!” Ruggero M. Capperucci (SaM/Intercoast)


“All involved parties gained additional knowledge and experiences. Besides the scientific topics, there was plenty of time to get in touch and share wonderful evenings sitting on top of the dike and watching the sunsets of Wilhelmshaven.” Paul Beyersmann (ICBM) und Marc Einsporn (DGM/AWI)

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