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There are a relatively large number of elective options on the Master's degree programme in Computing Science, allowing students to develop a profile tailored to their individual abilities and goals.

In order to provide our students who are aiming for a specific content profile with guidance on which modules contribute to the desired profile, we have defined various specialisations.

These specialisations provide study recommendations to facilitate the selection of suitable modules. They are also certified by a certificate from the Department upon proposal after successful completion.

A Master's degree programme without choosing a specialisation is also permitted. It is therefore also possible to put together a very individualised Master's degree programme.

Information on the various specialisations can be found on the relevant pages.



The specialisations are not administered by the Admissions office or Examinations Office, but directly by the Department. Shortly before completing your studies, ask the contact person for the specialisation to check whether you have fulfilled the requirements for the specialisation. They will then arrange for a certificate to be issued by the Department of Computing Science.

If you have any questions about the specialisation and if you have problems choosing certain modules, please also get in touch with the contact person responsible for the specialisation.

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