Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions regarding the application process for the SEM Master. If your questions are not answered, please contact the academic counselling or the student association.

Where can I find general information about the SEM Master and the application process?

On the pages of the InfoPortal Study you will find general information about the SEM study program and the application procedure.

The admission regulations can be found here (German).

On the page of the SEM study program you will find further information about the SEM study program.

Please use the prepared table as an overview in order to enter your previous experience to fulfill the entrance and admission requirements. This will facilitate the evaluation of your application. The table will be available to you online as part of the application process from June 1st.

Is the SEM Master restricted in admission? How many study places are allocated each year?

The master's program is limited to 45 places per year and is therefore restricted in admission.

With which NC will I be approved for the SEM Master?

Admission to the SEM Master's degree requires a previous course of study of 180 credit points (or proof of at least 150 credit points). Independent of the NC, all interested persons with a successfully completed previous course of study can therefore apply.

The university's own selection procedure for the allocation of the 45 study places is then based on a ranking (max. 100 points). This is calculated by awarding points for the average grade (NC) of the previous studies (max. 60 points), as well as the professional suitability (max. 21 points) and special qualifications in the field of sustainability (max. 19 points). Further details can be found in the admission regulations (German).

Overall, applicants with very good average grades therefore have a better chance of obtaining a place at university. However, less good average grades can be "improved" in the ranking by additional qualifications.

It is therefore not possible to make an exact statement about the NC required for admission. This differs from year to year and depends on the respective applicants and their additional qualifications.

By when do I have to submit my proofs? Can I hand in the proofs later?

With the submission of the application documents by July 15th (application deadline), all proofs (of the previous university degree, of the basic modules for the professional suitability, of the language skills and, if applicable, of special qualifications in the field of sustainability) must be submitted. Please note that your qualifications and fulfilled requirements should be clearly stated in the application documents and should be as comprehensible as possible for outsiders. During the admission procedure, there is no capacity to eliminate ambiguities through own research.

Unfortunately, handing in the documents after July 15th is not possible and will not be accepted.

Which application documents do I have to submit as certified copies?

The Admissions Office requires a certified copy of the Bachelor's degree certificate or the Transcript of Records. The three required basic modules and language skills must also be verified with certified copies.

Module descriptions and proof of special qualifications in the field of sustainability (such as job references and certificates) can be submitted as simple copies.

If you are unsure about the documents to be submitted, please contact the responsible member of staff at the Matriculation Office, Mr. Bootsmann (master@uol.de).

Which admission requirements and which professional qualifications do I have to meet?

The prerequisite for admission to the SEM Master is a Bachelor's degree or equivalent qualification from a German university or a university belonging to one of the Bologna Signatory States or from another foreign university.

This degree must have been obtained in a previous course of study suitable for the subject in question and comprising at least 180 LP.

Subject suitable is a previous course of study if the three modules 1) Fundamentals of Microeconomics, 2) Fundamentals of Business Administration or a comparable business administration module and 3) Mathematics for Economists or a comparable mathematics module have been successfully completed.

Proof of this must be submitted by July 15 (application deadline). Proofs received after this date cannot be accepted. In case of different module names, it is highly recommended to submit the corresponding module descriptions. Only in this way can the modules be checked for consistency of content.

The Admissions Committee can decide that up to two of the modules can still be taken within two semesters.

Which topics must the basic module "Mathematics for Economists" cover and which comparable modules can be credited for this?

A successfully completed Bachelor's module can be accepted as a basic module "Mathematics for Economists" if essential contents from analysis (integral and differential calculus) and linear algebra have been taught at university level. This can be proven, for example, by a module description. Modules in statistics, financial mathematics, accounting, balancing and bookkeeping are not sufficient and cannot be accepted as "Mathematics for Economists".

How many credit points (CP) from the previous studies do I have to submit for my application?

The Admissions Office requires 150 CP without exception when applying for Master's programs. These must be proven by the end of the application period on July 15.

I have not yet completed my Bachelor's degree. What is my average grade when I apply instead and can I "update" it when I finish my Bachelor's degree?

Applicants whose Bachelor's degree is not yet available are preliminary entitled to admission if they can prove that they have at least 150 CP. In this case, the current average grade must be proven, which is calculated from the previous examination results and must be officially confirmed by the previous university (Transcript of Records).

Their average grade when submitting the documents is considered the basis for the decision on the allocation of study places. Even more recent records can be submitted by July 15. Changes in a positive or negative direction at a later date cannot be considered.

How can I prove my German language skills? (Nachweis der deutschen Sprachkenntnisse)

Not German-speaking applicants have to prove their German language skills at the minimum level of B2.

For further advice regarding the German language requirements, please consult the following sites:

  • Student Service Centre (SSC) Oldenburg
  • International student office Oldenburg
  • Admission department:
  • „Rahmenordnung über Deutsche Sprachprüfungen für das Studium an deutschen Hochschulen (RO-DT)”

What proofs of English language skills are accepted?

For the SEM studies, sufficient English language skills must be proven. The various proofs of English language skills that are accepted are detailed in the following document: SEM English language skills.

In cases of doubt, the admissions committee will decide on the existence of the English language skills.


Do I have to demonstrate special qualifications in the field of sustainability in order to be accepted for the SEM Master?

Special qualifications in the field of sustainability (including professional or scientific activity or internship, specialization in the Bachelor's program, social commitment) are not a necessary prerequisite for admission.

However, the university's own selection procedure is based on a ranking list, which, in addition to awarding points for the average grade (max. 60 points) and professional aptitude (max. 21 points), is also determined from points for special qualifications in the area of sustainability (max. 19 points). Special qualifications are therefore positively considered when awarding study places. All information on special qualifications is bundled in the admission regulations (§ 4 Abs.2 lit. c to e) or on the SEM homepage.

Please use the prepared table as an overview in order to enter your previous experience specific to your course of study in order to fulfill the admission and admission requirements there. The table will be made available to you online as part of the application process from June 1st.

What are special qualifications in sustainability?

Special qualifications according to § 4 (2) lit. c to e of the admission regulations include relevant professional, scientific or internship activities, specializations in the previous degree program, or social commitment in the field of sustainability.

Relevant professional, academic or internship activities must correspond to at least three, six or nine months in total in order to be positively considered for the allocation of study places. These can only be considered if the application is accompanied by evidence of the number of hours and the duration of the activities (work or internship certificates).

Specializations from previous studies in the field of sustainability, such as a course of studies/subject from this field or successfully completed modules (at least 15 CP) will also be considered. In addition, positive credit is given if the topic of the bachelor thesis can be assigned to the field of sustainability. The topic of the bachelor thesis has to be proven by an official document of the university (bachelor certificate, transcript of records, official confirmation of the registration of the topic, etc.)

Relevant social commitment of at least six or twelve months as an honorary member of clubs, associations, initiatives or political bodies in the field of sustainability are also credited as special qualifications.

These proofs can be submitted in simple copies.

Can I submit a letter of motivation?

No, a letter of motivation is not required for the application for the SEM Master and will not be considered for the allocation of study places.

Is part-time study possible?

In principle, the study program can be studied part-time. Before each new semester, you can decide whether you want to study part-time (with 20%, 40%, 60% or 80% of the regular study credits) or full-time. However, a certain amount of attendance in Oldenburg is required to complete the modules and, above all, for the frequent group work.

How can I apply for the SEM Master as a second degree program in addition to a first Master's program?

For a second study program you completely normal apply for the first semester. Once you have received a place, you can then sit down with the academic advisor and find out whether or which modules from your first master's program can be recognized for the SEM Master.

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