Experiences of former SEM students

In order to get a personal impression of the SEM Master, some reports from current and former SEM students about their experiences are collected below.

The reports have been collected from different SEM years, with the years representing the beginning of the Masters.

Note: The reports reflect the subjective opinion of individual students. This is neither a representative opinion of all students nor is it in any case reflected in the opinion of the study program coordination.

Year 2017

Report 1

What did you study before the SEM master?

  • B. Eng. Maschinenbau

What kind of sustainability experience did you have before you started your studies?

  • Quite little, which was related to my studies
  • In my private life, I have been more and more interested in the topic since the 4th bachelor's semester, attended many lectures and events and therefore wanted to do a master's degree in the field.

How demanding and time-consuming do you experience your studies?

  • I only had basic lectures on Business Administration and Economics in my bachelor. Nevertheless, in my opinion, studying the SEM maseter is not too demanding.
  • However, time should not be underestimated due to many and often parallel examinations.
  • All in all, however, I can say that it is quite feasible in terms of time and effort.

What do you like in particular?

  • Definitely the "atmosphere" and the relationship between the students! The SEM Master is like a small family. Everyone tries to support each other as much as possible.
  • The interdisciplinarity ensures that many different perspectives on topics are analysed and as well different argumental positions arise.
  • The assistance regarding the coordination of the studies is wonderful, friendly and helpful. The support from the FSR is as well outstanding!

What don't you like so much?

  • Sometimes it seems as if the master exists only a few semesters, although the program is older than 10 years already. Unfortunately, there are still some "teething troubles" that crop up over and over again with regard to examination regulations, examinations or modules. However, the coordinators often help out.

 How is the relationship between teachers and students?

  • Very close and friendly in most events. Almost all teachers respond to feedback and seek to implement the advices from us students.
  • As a SEM student, you also feel welcomed in many other events that are not explicitly assigned to the SEM program!

Would you recommend the SEM master's program?

  • Definitly yes!

Why would you (not) recommend the SEM master's program?

  • If you are looking for meaningful study and want to broaden your horizons, you will find what you are looking for at SEM. The togetherness is extraordinary and turns into a fun study!

Do you already have an idea what or in which area you would like to work after the master or how it could continue for you?

  • I currently have a return offer to my old company, which is not heavily involved in sustainability. One possibility that I could imagine would be to push this area.
  • On the other hand, I could also begin another apprenticeship in order to develop myself personally.

What else do you want to add?

  • The SEM Master and Oldenburg are together an unbeatable combination. The city offers direct implementation possibilities of what is taught in the study course. Oldenburg really got very close to my heart, as did my fellows.
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