Here you might find answers to frequently asked questions concerning the application process.

How to apply

How to apply
  • The programme is admission restricted
  • Application is only possible for the winter semester
  • Application phase: 01.06. to 15.07.2021

The admission requirements for the Master's programme, which is limited to 45 places per year, are

  • Bachelor's degree or an equivalent degree in a subject-related suitable course of study in economics, social sciences, natural sciences or engineering
  • Proof of professional aptitude by fulfilling the competence areas Fundamentals of Microeconomics, Business Administration and Mathematics for Economists with at least 5 CP each
  • English certificate at level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). A list of possible certificates and recognised language tests can be found in the FAQs for the programme.
  • For international students: Proof of German language skills (level B2)

The following special qualifications are also an advantage:

  • Proof of specialisation in the field of sustainability in the previous degree course
  • Evidence of practical experience in the field of sustainability
  • Evidence of voluntary commitment in the field of sustainability

The qualifications are presented by the applicants in a tabular overview of their previous course-specific experience and submitted with their application.

The university's own selection procedure is based on a ranking list which is determined by the awarding of points.  A maximum of 100 points is awarded. Points are awarded for the final grade or the average grade of the previous programme (maximum 60 points) and for special qualifications in the field of sustainability (maximum 40 points). In the event of equality of rank, the decision will be made by drawing lots.

Only qualifications and previous knowledge that have been completed by 15 July and for which proof can be submitted by this date can be recognised. Further information on the admission requirements and the admission procedure can be found in the admission regulations.

Applicants with a German university degree use the online portal of the Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg and send their application documents to the Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg. Applicants with a foreign university degree apply via uni-assist.

Example 1

A female student who has completed her Bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering and Management with an average of 1.7 will receive 48 points for this. In addition, she will be awarded 14 points for the successful completion of the modules "Fundamentals of Business Administration" and "Mathematics for Economists". She will have to catch up on the basics of microeconomics as a compulsory module in the Master's programme. She will receive 5 points for her specialisation in the field of renewable energies in her previous studies. In a 6-month internship she worked in the field of sustainable water management, which earned her another 4 points. Finally, she has been involved with Greenpeace for three quarters of a year and receives 2 points for this. In total, the student thus receives 73 out of 100 possible points.

Example 2

A male student studied Economics in the Bachelor's programme and finished his studies with a final grade of 2.0, which earned him 42 points. For the complete proof of the three areas of competence, he receives 21 points and does not have to make up for any requirement modules. His Bachelor's thesis dealt with the topic of the UN sustainability goals, for which he receives 4 points. He has no practical experience, but he has been a member of Viva con Agua on a voluntary basis for 2 years. For this he receives 4 points. In total the student receives 71 out of 100 possible points.

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