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Kalkulation.KI - Automated offer processing with KI

The research cooperation between the Business Informatics/VLBA department and STRABAG AG has the goal of supporting STRABAG AG's offer processing and calculation in the construction industry and automating it by means of an IT solution.

From the perspective of the University of Oldenburg, the cooperation is intended to demonstrate the transferability of already developed procedures and concrete implementations into the operational practice of STRABAG AG. For this purpose, the implementation of scientific findings for the development and implementation of text mining methods in the processing of offers is particularly aimed at.

In order to meet the challenges, concepts, methods, techniques and procedures of data science will be used. Standardised process models such as CRISP-DM (Cross Industry Standard Process for Data Mining) will be used for the application of data mining in order to search databases for patterns, trends and correlations in six different phases.


  • As-is analysis of internal and external data sources
  • Development of use cases, with which the requirements on the IT are defined
  • Development of a system concept taking into account the actual state analysis and the use case
  • Prototype design and development of an IT solution that functionally maps the use case and the collected requirements
  • Embedding the IT solution in the existing calculation process (test environment)

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