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At this point you find an overview of all current and former projects our department of Business Information Systems / VLBA is respectively was participating:

Current Projects

  • 5G Smart Country – 5G Smart Country
  • B/LOC – Bills of Lading based on Blockchain
  • BITS – Bicycles and Intelligent Transportsystems
  • BLING – Blockchain in Government
  • DigiSchwein – Cross Innovation and Digitalization in Animal Welfare Pig Farming under Consideration of Resource Protection
  • dskills@EA-CENIT@EA  Strengthening ICT in East Africa
  • eco4fin – ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) communication data platform for the financial community
  • ELogZ – Energy supply concepts for carbon neutral logistics centres
  • Heat turn north west – ROPE
  • INFRASense – Development of a software application to determine the quality of municipal cycling facilities based on crowdsourcing data
  • innovaMo – Ensuring future mobility 
  • instaride – Development of an innovative ride-hailing solution
  • Kalkulation.KI  Automated offer processing with KI
  • MigHANA – Agile Data Architectures for Management Control
  • MobiLe – Mobilitätswende @ Lebensqualität
  • MORALECapacity building for curricula modernization of Syrian and Lebanese HEIs and lifelong learning provision
  • ODIN – On-demand as an individual and sustainable mobility offer
  • POINT – Pratical research on inovative SAP technology
  • REMOBIAS – Reiseplanung und Mobilitätsunterstützung durch interaktiven Assistenten
  • SmartHelmDevelopment of an attention-sensitive bicycle helmet as an assistance system for cargo bike-based city logistics
  • TaDeA – Tax Defence Analysis
  • WiSA big data – Wind farm virtual Site Assistant for O&M decision support – advanced methods for big data analysis 
  • WISdoM 2.0 – Water Innovation Solution Management
  • Zukunftslabor Wasser – Zukunftslabor Wasser

Completed Projects

  • abat Business Case Nachhaltigkeit
  • ASSUR – IntegrAted Studies for Syrian and eUropean univeRsities, Erasmus Mundus Programme
  • EU-Tempus Projekt CIBELES (externer Link) - Curriculum Invoking Bologna-aligned Education Leading to reform in Environmental Studies
  • CENIT@EA – Centre of Excellence for ICT in East Africa
  • DASIK – Developing and Strengthening Industry-driven Knowledge-transfer between developing Countries
  • DEEBIS-Net – Doctoral Education in Environmental and Business Information Systems
  • DEMIS – Doctoral Education in EMIS
  • Developing Sustainability – Ensuring environmental sustainability in development cooperation
  • DIfA – Data Intelligence for Audit
  • Dynaman: Dynamic IT Supplier Management
  • ECOBimos – Promotion and implementation of a forward-looking and sustainable mobility strategy for cycling
  • eCoInnovateIT – Sustainable consumption of information and communication technology
  • ECOSense – Collection and analysis of cycling data to support infrastructure optimization
  • Ecosystem Informatics – Development of Postgraduate Curriculum
  • EISKE – Environmental Information Systems Knowledge Exchange Project
  • EU-Erasmus Mundus Projekt ELECTRA – Enhancing Learning in ENPI Countries through Clean technologies and Research related Activities
  • enerCOAST – Promotion of renewable energies
  • EMIS Subsahara – Environmental Management Information Systems for the Subsaharan Region
  • EU-Erasmus Mundus Projekt Eureka SD – Enhancing University Research and Education in Areas Useful for Sustainable Development
  • Empower Generations – Create challenging solutions for the energy sector
  • ertemis – European Research and Transfer Network for Environmental Management Information Systems
  • ExploIT Dynamics
  • Export Masterstudiengang Environmental Management Information Systems nach Lateinamerika – Export Masterstudiengang „Environmental Management Information Systems“ nach Lateinamerika
  • Export Masterstudiengang Wirtschaftsinformatik nach Kuba - Development and introduction of a Master's programme in Business Informatics in Cuba based on the German model
  • FLIF+ 
  • FREE Female Academic Role Model Empowerment, Equality and Sustainability at Universities in Mediterranean Region: towards 2030 Agenda
  • Groen Gas – Elimination of bottlenecks in the biogas value chain
  • GroWI – Practical research in the fields of information and infrastructure management
  • HAPTIK – Tradability of physical goods through digital tokens in consortium networks
  • HEdIS – Hub for Education on ICT for Sustainability
  • IFB AG – Forschungskooperation
  • IHJO – Innovative University Jade-Oldenburg!
  • Interaktive und überbetriebliche Nachhaltigkeitsberichterstattung
  • IT-for-Green – Environmental, energy and resource management with BUIS 2.0
  • JM BioTec – Establish a new joint master degree in biotechnology applied to agri-science, environment and pharmacology
  • MATRE – Modernizing Academic Teaching & Research Environment in Business & Economics at Lebanon and Syria
  • mOOWVe – Mobility management in rural areas using a regional supplier as an example
  • EU-Tempus Projekt MSC.ESE – Exporting Master Programme in Enterprise Systems Engineering to Jordan, Syria, Tunisia and Egypt
  • NEMoSustainable satisfaction of mobility demands in rural regions
  • OEPI – Solution and Services Engineering for Measuring, Monitoring, and Management of Organizations’ Environmental Performance Indicators
  • Phoenix – Intercultural Exchange For Internationalization
  • PROPOSE.AI – Development of an AI-Service-Platform for E-Commerce
  • ReCaB – Regionales Car-Balancing (ReCaB)
  • PUUK – Platform for demand-oriented environmental information provision by companies and municipalities with citizen participation
  • Schaufenster Elektromobilität – IKT Services - Customer-oriented mobility
  • EU-Erasmus Projekt TARGET – Transfer of Appropriate Requirements for Global Education and Technology
  • EU-Erasmus Projekt TARGET II – Transfer of Appropriate Requirements for Global Education and Technology II
  • TEMPRO – Total Energy Management for Professional Data Centers
  • TRACE – Processing and analysis of digital traces of market entities
  • BI integrierte Planung: ToTALView
  • Wadi German Syrian University (WGSU) – Establishment of a private university in Homs, Syria
  • YEEES – Yields of Evocative Entrepreneurial approaches on Environment and Society
  • Zentrum für Business Intelligence – Platform for exchange and implementation of joint projects
  • Zero Emission Park – Development of sustainable business parks in Germany


  • OpenSAGA
  • Environmental Technology Network Oldenburg (UNO)
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