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Research Stay

Judith Leo is a PhD candidate from the Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology [NM-AIST] is in Arusha –Tanzania.

She did her Master’s degree in the same institution, at the school of Computation and Communication Science and Engineering [CoCSE], Department of Information and Communication Science and Engineering [ICSE]. During her Master’s studies her research study title was “An Interactive Remote Doctor Consultation Registration System for Acquisition of Geo-information in order to Enhance Epidemiological Analysis; A case study of HIS in Tanzanian Hospitals”. The long form of HIS is Health Information Systems.

In her PhD, she is extending the same studies whereby she is focusing on reducing computational complexity of Epidemic Models using Machine Learning techniques. The title of her PhD research study is “Adaptive Reference Predictive Model [ARPM]: case of tracking environmental determinants and waterborne epidemics”. The environmental determinants, which she is referring in this research study, are the seasonal weather climatic changes.

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