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Open Positions

Doctoral students

Two positions are currently advertised on the university website. The closing date for applications is 31.01.22.

Both positions will focus on the investigation and control of charge carrier dynamics in nanostructures on the low femtosecond time scale. This is a highly topical research field combining a range of techniques. Accordingly, a high level of motivation to get involved in new topics is expected, but not extensive prior knowledge in these specific fields. Rather, creativity and a quick grasp of the subject are helpful in finding one's way in this field of research. Intensive supervision is ensured by the size of the group and the nature of the project.

That sounds interesting, doesn't it? Feel free to contact us for a short lab tour: or in the office, W2 2-204.

Theses (Bachelor or Master)


Students who would like to write their thesis with us are of course very welcome.

In general, there are many smaller and larger projects that can be worked on within the framework of the construction of the new attosecond laboratory and the time-resolved photoemission electron microscope. Previous experience is not necessary; however, an interest in learning new things and actively tackling challenges is certainly advantageous. From femtosecond laser systems to vacuum systems, from attosecond pulses in the ultraviolet to electron microscopy, a wide variety of techniques can be tried out and used to investigate charge transfer processes in nanostructures. We work closely with other physics groups and use the attosecond laboratory of the UNO and ULTRA groups until our own laboratory is fully functional.

Control of attosecond pulses

As a master's student (or as a particularly ambitious bachelor's student), there is currently the possibility of entering the very latest research on the control of attosecond pulses. The aim is to control optical electric fields with just a few oscillations in such a way that attosecond pulses are only generated at very specific times in a highly non-linear process. This is highly relevant to gain a better understanding of electronic processes on the shortest time scales. Feel free to contact us!

Post-doctoral researchers

There is the possibility of financing a postdoc position in our group. At the same time, an application to third-party funders to finance your own position would be desirable.

If you are interested, please contact us and we can discuss the possibilities. A short email is enough!

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